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Second Grade Blog

New learning for a New Year

Happy 2021 Senesh Community!  As the new year unfolds, we are happy to share our new developments and contributions from our second grade scholars.  Please read on to learn about what our students are doing in each subject area. General Studies – Jacob It has been an exciting week in second-grade; not only are we back in the building, but we also have new pod groupings and new friendships to explore. To set the stage for the second half of the school year and help the children settle back into our school routines, we reflected on our community values of...
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Happy Hanukkah Hannah Senesh!!

Greetings Senesh Community, Please follow below to join our winter academic journey with our inquisitive second-grade scholars as our year comes to a close and our new year approaches.  Always, we are excited to share our latest developments in all content areas. General Studies – Jacob Around this time each year, as reading skills strengthen and solidify, a remarkable transformation takes place. Seven-year-olds who have been working tirelessly over the years to learn to read are now ready for the enjoyment and satisfaction of reading to learn! This statement couldn’t be more true for our second-graders at Hannah Senesh. For...
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Pumpkins & Sprouting Minds for the Holidays

Greetings HSCDS Community, As Thanksgiving approaches this week, the second grade team gives thanks for all of the hard work our young learners have put forth as they swiftly transitioned back into their classrooms.  We know this transition would not have been possible without the support and guidance of our helpful parents and families.  Please read on to learn about the new activities our scholars have been diligently working on since our last post. General Studies – Jacob The second-grade pods came back to in-person learning ready to rock! While at home, the pods put their finishing touches on the...
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Autumn Learning feels like Virtual Spring

Greetings Senesh Community!  Please read on to learn about what has been simmering for our second grade scholars this fortnight in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Hebrew & Judaic Studies, Math, Science. General Studies – Jacob The Second-Grade writers have continued to excite and impress with their growing skills, abilities, and comfort with the Writing Process! Before transitioning to Senesh@home, the pods spent a full week combing over their story drafts and doing the hard work of revision. Children were inspired to comb through their writing and change “tired” words like sad or happy and replace them with “wow” words...
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Second Grade Autumn Spotlight

Happy Autumn Senesh Community!  Please read on to learn about what our second grade scholars have been creating this month in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Hebrew & Judaic Studies, Math, Science and Social Emotional Learning. General Studies – Jacob   The second-grade writers have been hard at work crafting their personal narratives, stretching out each moment, and writing with rich descriptive detail. This week we completed our first draft or “sloppy copy,” and each pod feels proud of their accomplishments. Next week, we will begin revising our writing and working to make our good writing great! In coordination with...
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Falling Leaves Growing Learners

Hello Families, it has been a busy two weeks in second-grade. The pods have been working hard, learning new skills and having fun! Please read on for highlights from each of the three subject teachers.    General Studies- Jacob   These second-grade writers sure have stories to tell! This week, the pods have begun our first big writing unit crafting a personal narrative story. The unit will be our first venture into the multi-step writing process, and already the pods have shown their commitment to work hard and stretch their writing skills! Each student began by brainstorming as many possible...
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Rocking and Rolling in Second Grade

  With the 11th day of school coming to a close, the second-grade pods are hitting their stride. While school may look different, the experience of community and joy the children share while learning together continues to shine through. Each pod is having fun, working together, and eager to learn. Please read below for highlights from each subject area.   General Studies – Jacob   It’s hard to believe it has only been 11 days. The second grade readers and writers have done so much! We dived into our first writing mini-unit, sharing a special object and then writing how...
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Welcome to Second Grade!!

Wow, It feels great to be back in the classroom with the new second graders! Not too long ago, rejoining together as a learning community under one roof felt impossible. Thankfully, with the incredible commitment and tireless work from school leadership this summer, the new second graders launched into the school year with laughter and an eagerness to learn while taking care to keep each other healthy and safe. It indeed has been a great first week in second grade practicing new routines, nurturing strong community pods, and playing games to learn more about each.   While every school year...
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Math Game, Reading Challenge, and Megillat Esther

Yahadut: Megillat Esther We looked closely at a real megilla scroll that Shira has from her bat mitzvah. We compared the megilla to the Torah scroll that we had examined back in the beginning of the year. What is the same? What is different? Students were surprised to see colored illustrations inside the megillah. We also read the story of Megillat Esther in Hebrew. Each student chose one scene to design on their own. They wrote a title, illustrated a picture, composed speech or thought bubbles for characters, and copied the appropriate verse source from the megillah. Next week we...
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100th Day, Pajama Day, and Purim Prep!

What a week back from school! So many fun activities. 100th day, pajama day, and Zsuzsi’s birthday celebration! A fun way to return to school. At Kabbalat Shabbat we shared reasons we were happy to return to school this week, and students had much to share! 100th Day Math and Pajama Day For the math station of the 100th day the second graders had a puzzle of a 100 chart they had to fill out. However this puzzle was super tricky! Only random numbers were given in mixed up boxes. We talked about the patterns on a 100 chart: every...
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