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Second Grade Blog

Picture yourself in 2nd Grade 9/17/21

This week in General Studies we had a great time getting to know one another and reacquainted with old friends. Each morning we engaged in a morning meeting where we greeted our classmates, took part in an activity, talked about our daily schedule, and reviewed the calendar. We also talked about what it means to be in second grade and artfully created self portraits! As part of our social emotional learning curriculum, we discussed what it means to take care of ourselves, others, our community/environment and what this looks like in school. These three values help keep our classroom a...
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Welcome to 2nd Grade

Hi families– בְּרוּכִים הַבָּאִים welcome to second grade! We are so excited to be back in person at Hannah Senesh. Here are some friendly reminders to help your students prepare for the start of school. Your student will need: At least 2 masks (labeled in a baggy) A water bottle (labeled) A light dairy or pareve snack (quick 5-10 mins to eat) A dairy or pareve lunch A change of clothes labeled in a bag Shoes they can move in! Arrival is at 8:20 at the side yard–Marisa will be there taking attendance. Dismissal is at 3:15 Mon-Thurs and 2:15...
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Feels Like Summer

Dear Senesh Community, It is with great pride and heartfelt blessings that we share our final blog of the 2020-21 academic year.  Summer is always winter in a different part of the planet and autumn is always spring.  We look forward to a well-deserved break as we take a rest and celebrate our accomplishments for all of our lower-school at HSCDS.  Please read on for specific acknowledgments by subject area below. General Studies – Jacob The year began with so much uncertainty. We had new routines, masks, and a host of new expectations for our second-graders. It was a significant...
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Another Year Starts with Summer

Dear Senesh Community, It’s hard to believe but we are standing at the threshold of the close of another amazing year at HSCDS. We look forward to our last week of learning for our second graders as we review and reflect on all of our projects and accomplishments.  Our garden is blooming with rich color and new verdant shoots of goodness.  Please read on below to learn about specific areas of study. General Studies – Jacob Thank you for sharing a piece of your family’s culture with a culture share video. Each video has been engaging, informative, and full of...
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Sprinkling Spring Showers

Greetings Senesh Community, As the mid-afternoon sun showers trickle down on the tender seeds our students have sown in our school garden, our second grade scholars have been applying their growing knowledge in many important areas.  Lag Baomer set the stage for our final academic push with a well deserved celebration of color, creativity and stewardship.  Our young learners had so much fun creating murals, and sidewalk art to support all the teams at Senesh and truly thrived in our adrenaline rushing relay races.  This is such an important and pivotal day for our learners to take a break from...
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Hawthorn, Magnolia and Cherry Blossom Petals

Dear Senesh Community, As our Brooklyn streets slowly grow with soft white and pink petals, so have the hearts and minds of our Second Grade scholars as we enter our last eight weeks of school and celebrate Yom Hah’aztmaut.  As our learning community inoculates and our herd immunity strengthens, we look forward to warm, sunny days of inspiration, peace and well-earned success. Please read on below to learn about specific grade-level developments by content area. General Studies – Jacob All school year, the second-graders have been engaged in meaningful learning opportunities. They have strengthened their fiction and persuasive writing skills,...
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Starting to Feel a Lot Like Spring

Dear Senesh Community, As March rolls in like a lamb instead of a lion, we take great comfort in the sunny warm days to ease our burden during these challenging times.  The ice banks have melted, our days have lengthened and our curious and industrious second grade scholars continue to thrive at Senesh.  Please read on below to learn more about specific academic developments across all content areas. General Studies – Jacob In the past months, the second-graders have been engaged in significant and meaningful conversations about identity and discrimination. We considered all the different factors that shape our identities...
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Snow Flakes, Happy Hearts and a New Year For Fruit

Dear Senesh Community, As we approach our mid-winter president’s week break and the big white urban slopes melt away, our second graders have been busy planting new seeds, well-rooted in wisdom for our spring semester.  Tu B’Shvat marks an important time for our thirsty, young learners to to germinate and blossom with ripe new fruit for 2021.  Please read on to learn more about specific developments in all content areas. General Studies – Jacob These past couple weeks in second-grade we have been talking a lot about our school values. The children have been thinking about what they are, and...
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New learning for a New Year

Happy 2021 Senesh Community!  As the new year unfolds, we are happy to share our new developments and contributions from our second grade scholars.  Please read on to learn about what our students are doing in each subject area. General Studies – Jacob It has been an exciting week in second-grade; not only are we back in the building, but we also have new pod groupings and new friendships to explore. To set the stage for the second half of the school year and help the children settle back into our school routines, we reflected on our community values of...
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Happy Hanukkah Hannah Senesh!!

Greetings Senesh Community, Please follow below to join our winter academic journey with our inquisitive second-grade scholars as our year comes to a close and our new year approaches.  Always, we are excited to share our latest developments in all content areas. General Studies – Jacob Around this time each year, as reading skills strengthen and solidify, a remarkable transformation takes place. Seven-year-olds who have been working tirelessly over the years to learn to read are now ready for the enjoyment and satisfaction of reading to learn! This statement couldn’t be more true for our second-graders at Hannah Senesh. For...
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