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Fourth Grade Blog

January 14, 2022 — We Shall Overcome

Humanities with Hilary These first two weeks back have been a WHIRLWIND of activity for these kiddos, and they have been up for the challenge. Our main goal, last week, was to film ourselves saying an excerpt of Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream Speech,” which he gave on August 29, 1963 at the “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.” Students rose to the challenge of being able to tape one another, and support group members in speaking with expression and — as Dr King says — with “the urgency of now.” As you saw during...
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December 17, 2021 — HAPPY NEW YEAR!

S.T.E.A.M. with Sammi I missed the last blog post, so here comes a big catch up! For a few classes, the 4th graders put their science work aside to focus on technology. Students worked through “The Google Slide Challenge” which involved learning and practicing 35 different Google Slide skills. They then put these skills to use in Hilary’s class to make the marvelous presentations you saw at the publishing party. Over the last three weeks, we have now gotten back into our “Scientific Community” unit where students work in teams to complete challenges. First, students built towers with spaghetti and...
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December 3, 2021 — Chag Sameach everyone!

Hebrew with Rimma 4th graders were so excited to rehearse and to present their play. They enjoyed singing it again and again at the end of every Hebrew class. If you missed our production that aired this morning, please click on the link below to watch it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06UxeXA58-w Some reviews seen and heard throughout the day: Fantastic performances all around! Its so funny and beautiful. So impressive kol hakavod!!! bravo! This is amazing!!!! ❤️ Mazel tov!!! Love it! This looks like a Broadway show! A+!! Amazing ❤️❤️❤️ Best costumes, best choreography, best delivery! Bravo!!! Amazing! Seeing the joy in preparing...
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November 12- Starting November off Strong!

Judaics with Shira Last week we studied about the holiday of Sigd which stems from Ethiopia and feel last Thursday. We capped off our studies with a Sigd Kabbalat Shabbat in the classroom, courtesy of Bechol Lashon. This week we began a new unit on Hannah Senesh, the namesake of our school. We focused on understanding important events in Hannah’s life through the format of a timeline. We asked questions such as How much time passed from one event to the next? How did this event make Hannah feel? How did this event lead to other events in Hannah’s life?...
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October 29, 2021 — Identity

Humanities with Hilary Dear 4th Grade Families, I cannot believe that this crew has finished their first piece of writing! We have been working hard since the end of September on this piece. We have made sure to include characters, who have dialogue with others as well as internal thinking. Students remembered to follow their story arc, to help give structure or a skeleton to their story. The 4th Graders referenced our list of unusable words (like “good,” “stuff,” “thing,” “nice” and more), to make sure that they used more descriptive and specific words in their story, all to help...
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October 15th – Full weeks of school!

Photos of the Week Here is where you can find the link to our photo album for this blog. There are pictures from the Beit Midrash, our Judaic Studies Event from 10/12, and Science with Sammi. Science with Sammi Over the last two weeks, the 4th grade scientists have continued to work on team challenges. Both challenges they have completed focused on sketching out a plan and continued our conversations on compromising and positive language.  In one challenge, they worked with cups, sticks, blocks, and binder clips to build different structures that had one cube as the base, was tall,...
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October 1, 2021 — Wake Me Up When September Ends

Math with Justin Over the past two weeks, we have been focusing on place value up to 1,000,000, ordering numbers, comparing numbers as well as adding and subtracting six-digit numbers. Fourth graders also worked on filling in missing numbers in patterns, creating their own patterns, and identifying the rule that defines a pattern. The students are learning how to round to the nearest hundreds place and thousands place to enhance their estimation skills and number sense. Ask your fourth grader how they can round to the nearest 10, 100, or 1000!  Science with Sammi Luckily for the 4th graders, we have...
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September 17, 2021 — The Start of Something New

Judaic Studies with Shira We were so excited to be able to do an actual Tashlich cremony this year outside of school, after not being able to leave school last year. Fourth graders walked to the Gowanus Canal as a whole class with Shira and Hilary, side-by-side with their “tfilah buddies”, the student they sit next to at whole group tfillah each day. Every student sits next to a student from the other group to give them a chance to interact more with other students. We collected natural items along the way, such as leaves or acorns, to discard into...
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Sept 3 — We Just Can’t Wait For Fourth Grade to Begin!

Dear Fourth Grade Families, We hope you had a wonderful summer! Welcome to an exciting year of learning in FOURTH GRADE! We have been hard at work organizing, cleaning and setting up the classrooms in anticipation of greeting your children on the first day of school. We know that the rooms are not complete until your children are added to the mix. This is going to be an exciting year, full of laughter, learning and joy! This year, the fourth grade team includes both new and returning teachers. Humanities teacher, Hilary Davis, Hebrew teacher Rimma Berenshtein, Hebrew teacher Tomer Yanay,...
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Friday, June 11 — the last day 😭

Math with Justin Fourth Graders finished the year learning about customary and metric measurement. Our students learned the different units for measuring weight, length, volume, and temperature. We also learned about some of the different prefixes from the metric system (micro-, milli-, centi-, kilo-, mega-, etc) and how they are used with different base units. We also finished up the year reviewing important concepts from earlier in the year such as multiplying fractions, multi-digit multiplication and division, and strategies for solving word problems. It’s been a wonderful year for our fourth grade mathematicians. I’m very proud of their growth and work....
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