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Camp Kulanu@Senesh


Hannah Senesh Community Day School is excited to offer a multicultural day camp program that centers Jews of Color (JoC) for kindergarten through second grade students during the February 2023 school break (February 21-24, 2023). 

Kulanu (כולנו) is Hebrew for ‘All of Us’ and at Camp Kulanu, we will build a community that is truly by and for ALL OF US and reflects the diversity of the modern Jewish people and Brooklyn Jewish life. Jews of Color are estimated to make up nearly 20% of the American Jewish community, yet are significantly underrepresented in mainstream Jewish spaces.  We aim to create a camp community where at least half of the participants come from families in which a member of the family self-identifies as a Jew or Person of Color so we can build a warm, welcoming community where every child feels safe, included, and proud to share their own ideas, values, and experiences. 

Our camp program will offer a unique experience where celebrating Jewish diversity and values enhances everything we do. Each day will be filled with a variety of activities including sports, arts, creative play, cooking, music, dance, and more—all infused with that experiential Jewish touch and, of course, fun!

Through a diverse makeup of campers and staff, we will ensure that all participants have the opportunity to see themselves as an integral part of the Jewish people and experience a Jewish program in which diverse voices, stories, heritage, and practices are celebrated.

Join us in building a community that values difference, fosters inclusion and belonging, and supports children and their families to be agents of change toward a more just world, both within and outside the Jewish community.



WHAT: Camp Kulanu@Senesh is a multicultural day camp program that centers Jews of Color

WHEN: Tuesday, February 21-Friday, February 24, 2023

  • Early Drop Off: Beginning at 8:30am
  • Regular Day: 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Extended Day Option: 4:00-5:30pm

WHERE: Hannah Senesh Community Day School, 342 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY

WHO: Children in kindergarten, first, and second grades. Children from ALL school communities are welcome and encouraged to attend Camp Kulanu!

COST: $400 Regular Day Enrollment | $500 Regular Day + Extended Day Enrollment

WHY: Our mission is for campers and their families to:

  • co-create a warm, joyful, connected, and safe experience in a Jewish space
  • understand explicitly and implicitly that there are many ways to act, look, and be Jewish
  • feel rooted and self-confident about their own Jewish journey
  • experience a sense of belonging in the rich mosaic of Jewish life


More Information:

Click here to receive updates as we roll out this exciting project or if you have any questions, please contact Camp Director and Director of Strategic Partnerships & Community Engagement Jamie Maxner.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please click here to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Our Staff

Camp Kulanu’s staff have been carefully selected. They are dedicated, caring educators with camp and early childhood education experience who share our vision for a more diverse and inclusive Jewish community.

Staff are working hard ahead of camp to develop a dynamic schedule full of engaging, age-appropriate, experiential programs carefully designed to appeal to the interests of each child and to instill in them a sense of belonging.  Staff will welcome campers each day with a smile and create a warm environment that celebrates individuality and sparks curiosity.  

Camp will have a 1:6 ratio of staff members to campers, in line with (or exceeding) the age-based guidance for summer camps as determined by the NYC Department of Health.

Please note that all Camp Kulanu staff members must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Jamie Maxner (She/Her)
Senesh Camp Director and Director of Strategic Partnerships & Community Engagement 

What identities are important for you to share?
Chinese Ashkenazi Jew, Brooklynite, cheese lover, toddler mom, and travel enthusiast (47 countries and counting)

What excites you about working at Camp Kulanu@Senesh?
I truly believe that we need to elevate and celebrate the diversity of the Jewish community to ensure a modern, vibrant and engaged Jewish future!

Maryam Chisti (She/Her)
Co-Executive Director, LUNAR

What identities are important for you to share?
Muslim/Jewish, Indian/Jewish, cheese lover, singer, improvisor, woman, New Yorker

What excites you about working at Camp Kulanu@Senesh?
I loved spending time with the younger kiddos at Senesh as a JoCI Fellow, so I’m excited to recultivate those relationships and spend time with our campers from Senesh and beyond. I also find any chance to share about my JOC identity to be really meaningful, so I’m excited to do more of that.  

Jules Duze (They/Them)
Community Educator

What identities are important for you to share?
I am a trans non-binary/genderqueer, Chinese-Jewish, trans-racially adopted, differently abled, lover of learning.

What excites you about working at Camp Kulanu@Senesh?
I am excited to be the representation that I wish I had as a young Jew. It was harder than I even realized at the time, to feel Othered among Others. To have the opportunity to reinforce pride in difference, to cultivate community amongst youth and to help contribute to beautiful and formative memories for the next generation is an honor and a privilege.

Rachel Haymer (She/Her)
Music Teacher with Tkiya, Musician, Composer, Breathwork Healer

What identities are important for you to share?
Sephardic (Mexican/secret Jews), originally from Hawaii, musician, breathwork practitioner/healer

What excites you about working at Camp Kulanu@Senesh?
Representation is everything!

Atalya Sternoff (She/They)
Senesh Kindergarten Associate Teacher

What identities are important for you to share?
Jewish, musician, reader

What excites you about working at Camp Kulanu@Senesh?
As a half-Sephardi half-Ashkenazi Moroccan-Israeli-American Jew, this is the kind of camp I wish I would have been able to attend with my siblings as a kid. I’m excited and honored to be able to be part of the creative process in putting together a wonderfully multi-cultural Jewish experience that is engaging, educational, and FUN!

Bereket (Bear) Watts (He/Him)
Jews of Color Initiative Fellow at Hofstra University Hillel, Youth Soccer Coach

What identities are important for you to share?
Environmentalist, African, Ethiopian Jew, Habesha, beekeeper, and soccer enthusiast

What excites you about working at Camp Kulanu@Senesh?
Educating young campers about my background and the things I love (soccer, environmental action)!


We are grateful for the ongoing support of our Advisory Council whose questions, thought partnership, and strategic guidance have been integral to the foundation of this camp:

Imani Chapman – Founder and Director, Imani Strategies LLC
Jamie Maxner – Director, Camp Kulanu@Senesh
Martha Nadell – Senesh Parent and Associate Professor, Brooklyn College
Lindsey Newman – Director of Community Engagement, Be’chol Lashon
Chava Shervington – Board Member, Jewish Multiracial Network
Yoshi Silverstein – Founder & Executive Director, Mitsui Collective
Rachel Weinstein White – Executive Director & Founder, Fig Tree


Camp Kulanu@Senesh is made possible by the generous support of The Covenant Foundation.

We are proud that Camp Kulanu@Senesh is supported by the Jews of Color Initiative as a part of their New York Hub Incubator.