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Weeks 8 and 9: Monday, October 29th – Friday, November 9th

Heritage להורים שלום,  השבוע התלמידים עבדו על היחידה “קבלת החלטות”, הם למדו מודל לקבלת החלטות אשר יאפשר להם להשתמש בו להחלטות קטנות ביום יום או להחלטות גדולות. ביום שישי ערכנו בחינה על החומר שלמדנו מתחילת השנה. סוף שבוע טוב, אילנה Humanities ELA: These past two weeks students have completed first drafts of their own personal narratives. They have met in peer conferencing groups to give each other praise for what is working in their narratives and also suggested areas to polish for their final drafts . Revisions are already underway and their final drafts should be completed by the end of...
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Day 12: Sunday, April 22nd – Blog Post

Today in the Kinneret we started off with an early and chilly morning. After a quick breakfast we headed off to Tzfat, one of the four holy cities of Israel. We spent some time walking around and visiting a very cool Orthodox synagogue. Later, we went to a market and did some shopping. After buying some tasty refreshments, we hopped on the bus and went to go rafting in the Jordan. Rafting was so fun, and we had a blast. After getting soaking wet from being pulled into the water and having water fights on the rafts we dried off...
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Friday, 4/20 and Saturday, 4/21: Blog Posts!

Day 10 – Friday, April 20th. Today we woke up early in Tel Aviv. We took a short drive to the shuk (Carmel Market). There we went shopping and had an early lunch. The shuk was filled with Israeli street food, jewelry, and various other things. The group had a great time. Then we got on the bus and drove north to Shefa’Amr. There we met an Arab-Israeli and his family. He showed us around, and told us about his experience living in Israel as a Muslim. With him, we visited the local mosque, and a synagogue. After a nice...
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Shabbat: Friday 4/20 – Saturday 4/21

Hi Everyone! It’s been a busy and wonderful two days — the 8th graders visited Shuk haCarmel and Nachalat Binyamin in Tel Aviv, and then headed north, stopping at the Arab-Israeli coexistence village of Shefa-Amr. Shabbat on the Kinneret today was lovely and restful, and included a visit to a water park at the hotel next door! At the end of Shabbat, the group went to Tiberias for a disco boat cruise and a fun night out. Photos below of the group learning about Shefa-Amr and getting ready for Shabbat — plus a great movie of tonight’s disco boat cruise...
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Day 5: Sunday, April 15th – blog from Aaron and Isabelle

Hello!! Today we woke up at 6:45 am, ate breakfast, and got on the bus to go to Susan’s Home, an arts and crafts studio that helps employ at-risk teens. After that, we left Jerusalem and took the bus to Ein Gedi and hiked, cooled off, and played in the waterfalls. Then, we went to the Dead Sea, had lunch, and floated around for a while. Some people had some cuts which burned, but overall it was great! After showering and an ice-cream break, we went camel riding with the Bedouin and we gave the camels great names. After getting...
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Day 4, Saturday April 14th: Shabbat in Jerusalem

A few more photos from last night and a lovely blog post from Bayla and Ruby:   Shalom from Jerusalem! This morning we had a late wake up. Once we woke up, we got dressed, ate and prayed in different synagogues. There were Orthodox and Conservative synagogues which were either Sephardic or Ashkenazi. After we visited the synagogues, we went back to the hotel to change and eat lunch. After lunch, we had free time then got together and walked to nearby Independence Park. At the park we played soccer, frisbee, taki, and cards. We ate snacks, talked, and laughed. After...
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Day 2: Thursday, 4/12- Yom haShoah blog post from Ilai and Robert

Robert and Ilai reporting from up high in the mountains of Jerusalem. Waking up at 6:45, we got a bright and early start to our day. Today was Yom HaShoah so appropriately we started at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum. We had a meaningful tour and reflected on our history as Jews. After that we went for lunch at Machane Yehuda, a shuk. We got souvenirs and authentic Israeli food. We continued onto Mount Herzl and saw the honorable soldiers whose lives were lost during their service. We heard stories from members of the staff about their friends and family...
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Week 13: Monday, November 27th – Friday, December 1st

Advisory Dear parents, This week in advisory, the students reflected on the things that we can choose in life and the things we can’t. What are our needs and how can we adjust our choices in the way we talk and listen in order to meet our and other people’s needs. Hebrew: Dear parents, This week the students in HaKbatza Aleph presented their projects on education in other countries.The students in HaKbatza Bet studied compound nouns and took a vocab test and a test on compound nouns. I wish everyone a peaceful weekend, Andreea Heritage:  ,הורים שלום במסגרת העבודה על היחידה החדשה שלנו...
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Happy Thanksgiving 5th grade!

Humanities The fifth graders worked diligently today on their evidence-based reading responses to the book Wonder, including writing book reviews. They were also excited to brainstorm choices for their upcoming independent book projects. They have begun to study India and are selecting specific topics to focus on for individual work after we return from Thanksgiving. Hebrew  During the past couple of weeks we have been focusing on family trees and family relations. This week students learned how to add the concept of age in all forms (plural, singular, masculine, feminine) when talking or writing about someone. In addition, students had listening comprehension activities...
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