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May 6th: Blog from Noah L. and Jacob

Monday’s bloggers are Noah L. and Jacob: This morning we woke up in our beautiful hotel, which we embraced as an upside of our changed travel plans. Because of the cease fire, we were able to continue with a regular day today. First we ate breakfast at the hotel. Next it was off to Ein Avdat, where it was a particularly hot hike – our first really hot day. Even though we were boiling, we got to see a beautiful oasis and waterfall. After that we went to David Ben Gurion’s grave in Sde Boker. We played a trivia game...
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May 5th: Sammy and Naomi’s Blog

Sunday’s bloggers are Sammy and Naomi: Sunday was a fun filled day even though our plans changed. We were supposed to go down south for sand boarding and other activities, but we got to go on a water hike instead. Exploring the water hike that led to the Kinneret was cool. At first it was freezing but once we continued, there were just smiles on kids’ faces. We jumped around and splashed each other. Getting the teachers was awesome. We once again got back on the bus, but had to go on an alternate, longer route. However the fun didn’t...
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Shabbat: a punny blog from Sopher and Moav

Todays bloggers: Moav and Sopher! Today was Shabbos, and boy was it hard for us silly teenagers to be off our phones! We woke up late, at 8:00, and had a delicious breakfast (we liked it a latte.) After breakfast, we had a meaningful Tefilla where many of our students read Torah and had Aliyot. The students were so involved, they even had a minyan after. We both took part in it and it was amazing. Later, after we all got to know the other school better and ate lunch, we went to the Kineret beach near our hotel, and...
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Blogs for May 2nd and May 3rd

Leila and Hannah K. are Thursday’s bloggers: We kicked off day three with a meaningful tefila by the Kinneret. Many of us were able to keep Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) in mind as we recited our daily prayers. We then continued by hopping on the bus, and making our way to Newe Michael, a boarding school in Pardes Hannah. At 10:00 am, the siren went off, and the bus pulled over on the sidewalk on the side of the road in an Arab village, where we remembered the Jews who died in the Holocaust. It was touching to know...
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May 1st: Nate and Noah F.’s blog

Wednesday’s bloggers are Nate and Noah F.: After a good night’s sleep, everyone was very happy and refreshed. Following a beautiful Tefilah in front of the Kinneret and a big breakfast, we were ready for the first activity of the day, bike riding! We all headed over to the bike trail in the Hula Valley, where we rode on an 8.5 kilometer path as we took in the nature surrounding us. We stopped halfway for an educational discussion about conserving water and where the water comes from in Israel. Upon finishing our tiring ride, we were all starving on our...
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April 29th & 30th: Miranda and Ben’s Blog

Monday & Tuesday’s bloggers: Miranda and Ben! We started our journey at 9:30 AM, and said goodbye to our parents. We met up with the students from Gottesman, a school that we’re partnering with on this amazing experience, and took off at 1:10 PM What followed was a 10 hour plane ride filled with everything other than sleep. We landed at Ben Gurion airport at 6 a.m. in Israel, exhausted (a little woozy, if you ate the meatballs on the plane) but above all, excited. The holy land! So after a day of airports and planes, we started our day…...
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Tuesday, April 30th

We had an amazing first day! But you’re going to have to wait til tomorrow to hear more about it, because Miranda and Ben (our day one bloggers) are headed to bed. Check out google photos for sneak peeks of our visit to Caesaria; Kfar Kedem in Hoshaya; and Krav Maga at our hotel, Karei Deshe: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UQTNJchr4CsH1NRUA Laura, Andreea, and I have been so happy to see the 8th graders supporting and helping each other during this fun but exhausting first day. Laila tov from Israel! We’ll post an update tomorrow. (If we have a moment to spare in between...
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6th Grade Math

Last week, students explored ratios, and saw its relationship to fractions. This was made more obvious as they learned that ratios could be equivalent, and therefore, simplified. With this knowledge, students spent the better part of the week practicing some difficult word problems that did not  involve algebra. Very different from the way I learned to solve these, the use of visuals, particularly bar graphs, were extremely helpful, and could be applied to a variety of problems. This week, sixth grade math moved onto rate, and how it is used in the real world, such as in unit rates and...
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