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Kindergarten Blog 5/20

Dear Kindergarten Families,   This week has been so eventful! We baked challah, our caterpillars formed chrysalises, we celebrated Lag B’Omer in the park, and we had our Kabbalat Shabbat ceremony!   In Science, we are continuing to sketch our caterpillars, and on Wednesday, we made an extremely exciting discovery: many of our caterpillars have formed chrysalises, the third stage of a butterfly’s life cycle! We watched a 3-minute time lapse video that showed a caterpillar forming and leaving its chrysalis and then we got to transfer our chrysalises to their butterfly enclosure so that when they emerge, they’ll have...
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K Blog 5/13

Dear Kindergarten Families,   The last two weeks have been very exciting in Kindergarten. Last week, we had a school-wide Yom HaAtsma’ut celebration, and this week we got to paint Kiddush cups at the Painted Pot. We’ve been preparing for our Kabbalat Shabbat performance, which is a week from today! We have also been raising caterpillars and documenting their progress throughout the week and a half that we’ve had them.   In Science, we learned all about the life stages of butterflies, and learned about metamorphosis. Our classroom caterpillars grow a little bit every day and the children have noticed...
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Kindergarten Blog 4/29

Dear Kindergarten Families,   This week in our Morning Meetings, we began learning two new songs: All God’s Critters and Mama Don’t Allow. We also started constructing a new block building during Choice Time and started talking about Israeli Independence Day, which is next week.   In Science, we returned to our Forces In Motion unit for a bit of a fun review. Children experimented with balance scales and cars going down ramps to see what weighed the same and how the cars’ speed changes when we add animal toy passengers, recording our findings as we experimented.   In Hebrew/Judaics,...
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Kindergarten Blog 4/8

Dear Kindergarten Families,   Kindergarten is ready for Pesach! We have been learning holiday songs and the holiday story, and we even have our own classroom megillot. This week we had our Family Museum, in which we invited our fourth grade buddies and other friends of kindergarten to see the children’s hard work on their family collages, model magic sculptures, and decorated homes of their families for our family unit. The kindergarteners made cookies for the museum cafe, and tickets for entry for the invitees. At the end of the event, the kindergarteners performed the song “Love Makes a Family”....
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Kindergarten Blog 4/1

Dear Kindergarten Families,   This week was the second week of collecting donations for Ali Forney, an organization that helps unhoused teenagers. Sixth grade is running the school-wide penny drive, and three sixth graders came to our class on Wednesday to tell us more about Ali Forney. Kindergarteners have loved watching the donations we’ve collected grow! The penny drive will continue on until Pesach break.   The kindergartener scientists are now experts on what living things need to live and grow, and this week we asked the important question of where living things get the things they need to live...
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Kindergarten Blog 3/25

Dear Kindergarten Families,   The biggest event of the last two weeks was definitely Purim, complete with buddy time, the Purim carnival, and special activities with the 1st graders. It was so fun to come into school in costume and celebrate with the whole school! Going back to masks this week has been a bit of an adjustment, but everyone is doing really well to keep each other safe.   In Science, we continued with our scientific categorizations. We spoke about how sometimes it’s hard to figure out the best way to group different kinds of things! We looked at...
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Kindergarten Blog 3/11

Dear Kindergarten Families,   We were pleasantly surprised by the warm weather this week, and though the cold returned, we are all excited for Spring!   This week in Science, we exercised our scientific observation skills by trying to notice all the little details of seemingly random objects. We discussed how a big part of what scientists do is try to group different kinds of things together so we can understand the world better. For example, over the last weeks we talked about living vs. nonliving, but within the group “living things” are the groups “animals”, “plants”, and “fungi”. Kindergarteners...
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Kindergarten Blog 3/4

Dear Kindergarten Families,   We had some unexpected Kindergarten fun this week.  Moving from 2D shapes to 3D shapes we were looking at cones and many children were introduced for the first time to a funnel! This led to some water play to experiment with how the funnel worked and ended up with a Kindergartner doing a water show for his classmates and many plastic animals!  We also experimented with 3D shapes (cubes, cylinders, spheres, and cones) to see which ones could slide, roll and stack on top of one another!   But it was not all fun and games...
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K Blog 2/18

Dear Kindergarten Families,   We had an exciting week of activities with other grades! On Thursday, the Kindergarteners had a fun buddy activity outside in the warmer weather.  On Friday, Kindergarteners and 2nd graders read newly completed stories to each other. In addition to the fun activities with other grades, this week we switched from having individually spaced desks to having two groups of desks pushed together to make big tables! The children have enjoyed doing group work and choice activities at these big tables together.    In Reading we talked about Sound Power and practiced sounding out some nonsense...
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