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Kindergarten Blog 11/18

Dear Kindergarten Families, This week, Kindergarteners were excited to bring in donations for our Thanksgiving food drive, and graph out all of their donations. One thing the K Team learned was that Kindergarten brought in more donations than all other grades combined, so thank you so much to you all for your generous donations! Kindergarteners were also very excited to have another Buddy activity this week. They shared their recently completed Information Books with their buddies, played Racing Dice together, and read books from our library. In Science this week, Kindergarteners learned all about Touch. We learned that we have...
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Kindergarten Blog 11/11

Dear Kindergarten Families, It was a pleasure meeting with many of you over the last two weeks to talk about the incredible progress your children have made thus far in the school year! We are preparing for the Thanksgiving Food Drive, which will benefit the Community Fridge on Hoyt Street.  We read a book called Maddie’s Fridge in which a child realizes that her friend does not have much food and helps her out.  We talked about the fact that some people in Brooklyn don’t have enough food and we can help them out by bringing in items for the...
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Kindergarten Blog 10/28

Dear Kindergarten Families, This week, being our first full week of school in a month, Kindergartners are getting back into the swing of things and practicing our Kindergarten transitions and routines. We have learned new verses to some of our Morning Meeting songs as well as a new silly song for Kabbalat Shabbat called Chicken Soup! In Phonics/Handwriting, Kindergartners learned all about how to write the letters L, K, and V, and the sounds they make.We looked at the names Lyla, Liam, Lev, and Viv and at the word Kindergarten.  In Writer’s Workshop we divided our writing into two sides...
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Kindergarten Blog 10/21

Dear Kindergarten Families,   We hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Simchat Torah this week. Kindergarteners had a special visitor, learned a new song “You Gotta Sing!” and learned a bit about neurons. We also started something new called Literacy Stations, where students rotate through three literacy activities in small groups. In Hebrew, we added more colors to our vocabulary: grey אפור ah-for, and brown חום chum. We began reading the classic book מעשה בחמישה בלונים (A Tale of Five Balloons), which gives an exciting way to practice describing colors. We also continued to discuss different weather patterns, especially...
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K Blog 10/14

Dear Kindergarten Families, This week was completely filled with Sukkot events! We had our very first activity with our Fourth Grade buddies. The kindergarteners picked out books to read together with the buddies, and then both grades decorated cookies in the school Sukkah. Kindergarteners also had a special paper chain activity at Grace’s house, a short walk away from school. Kindergarteners were so excited to share with you all the song and brachah they practiced in school, and to make paper lanterns together. Kindergartners had lunch in the Sukkah this week as well. On Friday, we went to our whole-school...
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K Blog 10/7

Dear Kindergarten Families, We hope all who observe had a meaningful Yom Kippur. Kindergarten welcomed in October as well as the Hebrew year 5783! Many students shared in Morning Meeting how they had observed the holiday.  This week in Kindergarten, students learned the letter E, completing our Frog-Jump letters (F, E, D, P, B, R, N, M), as well as learning what sound it makes. We also practiced making  8’s, the trickiest Kindergarten number! And then it was on to 9! We continued our shared reading of Mrs. Wishy Washy and shared with a partner what the information book we...
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Kindergarten Blog 9/23

Dear Kindergarten Families,   Today is chilly! Kindergarten is excited about the change in season and have begun talking about Fall in Hebrew. As the weather gets colder, be sure to send your child with a good jacket and warm shoes, as Kindergarten goes outside for recess in all temperatures.   This week in Science, we learned about the scientific method, and the five steps in the process: ask a Question, form a Hypothesis, conduct an Experiment, record Observations, and reach a Conclusion. This week we asked the question “Which objects sink and which objects float?” and using the scientific...
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Kindergarten Blog 9/16

Dear Kindergarten Families,   It has been such a wonderful first two weeks of Kindergarten! The K team has really enjoyed getting to know your children. We are working on getting to know each other and the many different routines of school.   We began Writer’s Workshop by talking about two different types of books, story books and information books.  Children have begun writing their own information books on a variety of topics including swimming, cats, dogs, and fish!  Children start with a drawing and then add labels such as an F for fish and an S for swimming. We...
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Kindergarten Welcome Blog

Dear Kindergarten Families, Welcome to Kindergarten! We have been busy getting the classrooms organized and can’t wait to meet the students and begin our year together.  Orientation Visit: When you arrive for your orientation visit on Tuesday, please meet Annette in the lobby. We are looking forward to it! Emailing the Team It is very important to use this email address and send messages to all four teachers rather than just one of us. Thank you! kindergartenteam2022@hannahsenesh.org. Reminders: First day of Kindergarten is Wednesday, September 7. This will be a short day. Group A will begin at 9:00 and end...
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Kindergarten Blog 6/15

Dear Kindergarten Families,   What a year it’s been! We can hardly believe this year has already come to an end. We remember the beginning of the year, when at 11:00, children would wonder if it was time to go home! Their stamina and endurance have both increased significantly and they have lasting energy throughout the day. We have watched them develop new friendships, develop their problem solving skills, and navigate the ups and downs in the world of kindergarten.   In gathering their materials from the beginning of the year, we saw enormous academic growth in all areas.  ...
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