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Kindergarten Blog 3/3

Dear Kindergarten Families, It was so wonderful to welcome back the Kindergartners into their new groups, as well as welcome to our class two new students: Michael and Lenny. We have been having conversations about friendship and being part of a classroom community as students adjust to the change. So far the children have been excited by the return to school and their new groups! And of course, Wednesday was our 100th day of school celebration! Kindergartners practiced counting to 100 by ones and tens, colored in snap words that filled up bubble letters of the number 100, and enjoyed...
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Kindergarten Blog 2/17

Dear Kindergarten Families, We had another busy week in Kindergarten, though of course today takes the cake. Today was packed full of exciting Pajama Day activities! We began our day with the Pajama Day Parade. The whole school paraded through the hallways singing “Mishe Nichnas Adar” משנכנם אדר at the top of our lungs, welcoming in the month of Adar! The month of Adar, according to the Talmud, is a joyous month, and so today was packed with fun and joyful events. Kindergartners also got to watch the 3rd and 4th grade talent show, which was so exciting and fun. Children...
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Kindergarten Blog 2/10

Dear Kindergarten Families, Today was the 92nd day of school. Kindergartners have been excitedly counting down the days to the 100th day of school, which is only eight school days away! In Hebrew we are currently reading the book Chanan HaGanan חנן הגנן (Chanan the Gardener), which outlines the different types of fruit and groups them together by color. For example, oranges, apricots, and mangos are all sorted together by their orange color. When reading the book, the students learned the verb “ohev/ohevet,” which means like. The students can now say “ani ohev tapoozim,”- אני אוהב\אוהבת תפוזים which means “I...
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Kindergarten Blog 2/3

Dear Kindergarten Families,   Kindergartners are coming in each morning and afternoon excited to read the morning or afternoon message. They are working to read it on their own before the whole class reads it together. Making use of the repetition of the date, newly learned snap words, and a greeting in which only one word changes each day they are excited to see themselves becoming readers.  They love it when there is a “teacher mistake” such as leaving the year off or leaving an initial letter off.  Many children can be found voluntarily copying the message from the board...
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Kindergarten Blog 1/27

Dear Kindergarten Families, It was another busy week in Kindergarten! Read all about what your children have been learning below. In Hebrew/Judaic studies, this week we are learning about the holiday of “Tu B’shevat”  טו בשבט. The 15th of Shevat is the day that marks the beginning of a “new year” for trees as well as the season during which the trees begin to bloom in the Land of Israel. We learned about the parts of the tree and its fruits. We asked why the tree is important? And what does the tree give us? The children took part in...
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Kindergarten Blog 1/20/23

Dear Kindergarten Families, This week, Kindergartners have been learning all about Hamsas, a special ancient symbol, and have even crafted their own! They have also baked cookies to enjoy during their Publishing Party in General Studies. In Math we continued our measurement study by exploring weight.  Students first compared the weight of different items using terms such as heavier than, lighter than, and the same weight.  They then weighed different objects using pin balances and Unifix cubes. They first made a prediction as to how many Unifix cubes it would take to balance different objects and then checked. We continued...
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Kindergarten Blog 1/6/23

Dear Kindergarten Families, We hope you all enjoyed the holiday break and Happy New Year! This week, Kindergarteners have been settling back into our routines, and we welcomed Asher to our class. In Social Studies we began our study of Martin Luther King.  We talked about the unfair laws that existed during King’s time and the work he did to change the laws. We talked about the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the fact that King believed in nonviolent protest.  Children expressed surprise at the laws of segregation and agreed that it was good that Rosa Parks broke the law. We...
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Final ’22 Kindergarten Blog

Dear Kindergarten Families, The Kindergartners worked so hard all last week preparing for our Learning Celebrations, and they were so excited to share all they’ve accomplished this year with you all on Friday! Kindergartners practiced songs in Hebrew and English, published their storybooks, picked out math games, and so much more.  We said goodbye to Jordan who is moving back to Israel.  When we return in January we will welcome Asher Kosslyn to the Penguins.  Kindergartners enjoyed joining the whole school at two Hanukkah Candle Lighting Ceremonies and joining the 8th Grade for an Art Project and Sufganiyot. In Science,...
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Kindergarten Blog 12/9

Dear Kindergarten Families, Kindergartners are hard at work preparing for our Learning Celebration next week– we hope to see many of yout to celebrate all that the Kindergartners have accomplished this year so far! This week in Hebrew, Kindergartners began learning words that have to do with Chanukah, like נר ner candle, לביבות levivot latkes, כד שמן kad shemen oil canister, וחנוכיה chanukiah. We also learned how to say a lot of the ingredients featured in לביבות levivot latkes, like תפוח אדמה tapooach adama potato, בצל batzal onion, ביצה beytzah egg, קמח kemach flour, and שמן shemen oil. There are...
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Kindergarten Blog 12/2

Dear Kindergarten Families, This week, Kindergartners welcomed a new student, Sari, to our Kindergarten class! We also began learning a new song, “When I First Came to This Land”, and the Foxes made their own Play-Doh (Penguins will make it next week). In Science this week and last, we have been learning about taste and smell. Last week, students guessed what flavors of Mike and Ike jelly beans they had based on taste. This week, students observed mint leaves using Sight, Smell, Touch, and Taste. They observed that the mint leaves smelled like mint, and that while the taste was...
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