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Annette Powers

Farewell Second Grade

Congratulations to our second graders on finishing the school year! It was a bittersweet last few weeks of school and we soaked up our joyful time together before summer break. The students reflected on their growth academically, socially and emotionally since the school year started. It’s hard to believe that that was ten months ago! As cliche as it sounds, time does fly when you are having fun.   The kids spent thoughtful time looking back at work and sharing how they have changed as readers, writers, scientists, mathematicians, artists – the list goes on and on! They revisited their...
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Second Grade Blog

In JS and Hebrew we continued learn about Lag Baomer and Rabi Akiva and his famous phrase ואהבת לרעך כמוך treat other people the way you treat yourself it’s a great rule of the Torah. We prepared signs and got excited for the Lag Baomer activities in the park…. We learned about Jerusalem Day and the importance of the capital of Israel. We read a book about Miriam and the ocean being ready for the Summer… The children were excited to practice their line and sing the songs for the Chumash Ceremony next week on Thursday May 26th.  

Senesh JOCI Fellows Reflect on Their Experience

We Have a Future in This Sector: Q&A with Leadership Fellows Interview Featuring Senesh JOCI Fellows in the Jews of Color Initiative Newsletter, Galim We Have a Future in This Sector: Q&A with Leadership Fellows Almost 7 months into our New York Hub’s Leadership Fellowship, our Fellows are reflecting on their experiences and learning with new perspective. They have completed their first placements—temporary positions at Jewish nonprofits in New York City—and have already begun their second placements at different Jewish nonprofit organizations. Amidst their busy calendars, we asked the Fellows to pause and think back to their accomplishments, learning, and...
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Day 15: Safed and Travels Home

Today was our last day in Israel! We started by going to the city of Safed. There we learned about the origins of Kabbalah, a part of Judaism that focuses on the metaphorical. We saw old and new houses, and a beautiful beeswax shop. Then we explored a street in the city that was filled with art and artisanal jewelry stores. Then we headed to the Sachne, a freshwater spring, which we swam in. Now we are getting tested to go on the airplane back. See you soon! From, Reuben and Matias

Day 14: Rafting, Chocolate Making, and a Party!

Today we woke up early and made our way to a biking program and took an hour-long ride with a view of Mount Hermon, before taking the bus towards a river rafting program, where we got to raft down a river that intersected with the Jordan river, and ended with a small waterfall. After that, we made our way to the Galita chocolate factory where we got to make our own chocolate bars! We ended the day with a party on a rental boat on the Kinneret, with lots of screaming and dancing. From, Clea and Alina

Day 11: Exploring the North

Today, we went to the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. While we were there, we read about Israeli inventions and played a VR game. Then we drove to eat lunch and see Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi’s grave. Then, we went on a hike to look at the Kineret. It was very beautiful to see it from so high up on a mountain! We drove to our new hotel and prepared for our last Shabbat together in Israel. From Clara and Naomi  

Day 9: Yom HaZikaron & Yom Ha’atzmaut

This has been a very mixed emotional day for us because we had to quickly transition from Yom HaZikaron to Yom HaAtzmaut. In the beginning of the day we met up with our twinning school in Hod haSharon and we watched a tekes (assembly) with them for Yom HaZikaron and had lunch. It was amazing how quickly we bonded with the Israeli kids. Lots of us exchanged contact info and we hope we’ll stay in touch.  We had a very detailed demonstration on how to make our falafel from their principal! Then we went to ANU, Israel’s museum of the...
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Day 8: Onwards to Tel Aviv!

Today we woke up in Jerusalem at 6:45 and ate breakfast. We got on the bus and went to pray at Har Hadar, a mountain at the edge of Jerusalem with a monument on it.  Then we went to hear Jessica (not our teacher) speak about her experiences about being Muslim and how it compares to other religions. After that, we went to shuk hacarmel where we were given 50 shekel to get lunch and other things. After the shuk, we made our way to a playground across the shuk to bond and meet up. After being at the playground...
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Day 7: More Jerusalem Adventures

Yesterday we woke up and ate breakfast. Then we went to the egalitarian section of the Kotel to pray together. It was a powerful experience to pray in front of a wall that people thousands of years ago used as a wall. Then, we went inside the church of the holy sepulcher and saw the place where Jesus supposedly died. Then we went to a charity organization and helped pack food for families that need food. Then we ate dinner at shuk machane yehuda and stayed in the shuk for a bit. Then we went back to the hotel in...
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