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Annette Powers

Arrival in Israel!!

Hello Senesh and Senesh Families! Welcome to our first blog post of Hannah Senesh’s 8th grade 2023 Israel trip! It was a long two days of travel, and a hard day of being archeologists! Everyone was a good sport on little sleep. While we were archeologists at the ancient city of Maresha, we dug, sifted through rubble to find treasures, and uncovered pieces of pottery that hadn’t been touched in 2200 years—since the time of the Maccabees! We then crawled through the very narrow passageways of caves! We had to squeeze our bodies through small tunnels and winding paths. At...
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4/18 – Second Grade Blog

Writers Workshop The second graders are working on studying sentences. They learned what a subject and predicate is and practiced identifying them in sentences. Then they worked collaboratively in sorting  fragments and sentences. They are now able to explain if a fragment is missing the “who” or the “what”. Reading The students learned about the soft and hard sounds of c and g. The rule is that when a silent E follows c or g at the end of a word, the consonants make a soft sound. They then read passages and found words that follow this rule. They found...
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3/20 Second Grade Blog

Writers Workshop The second graders are once again published authors! The students celebrated with the kindergarten by reading their expert books to them. Then the kindergarteners read their stories to us! Reading In reading the students have been dissecting words and practicing reading multisyllabic words using different strategies. We tackle long words part by part by: working methodically from beginning to end, breaking the consonants in the middle, keeping digraphs together, breaking off endings, break before the consonant -le and checking all the parts! Math We continue to work on our multiplication unit. The past two weeks we focused on...
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3/1 Second Grade Blog

Writers Workshop Our writers have been busy adding lots of information to their expert books! They learned what a glossary is, how to use one and how to make their own. Then they added them to their expert books in alphabetical order while using the dictionary for the definitions! Reading We have been learning about singular and plural nouns. The students learned the rules: when the word has a vowel (a,e,i,o,u) before the letter y, you add the letters s and when the word has a consonant(b,c,d etc) before the letter y you remove the y and replace it with...
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2/10 Second Grade Blog

Reading We learned about contractions! What contractions are, why they are used, how to make them and how to read them. We are also noticing words that have powerful patterns and how we use them to read fluently. For example, if you can read the word night then you can read the work flight or sight in a snap! Math The second graders just finished a unit on weight focusing on grams and kilograms. We also compared objects and noticed when the scale it is even on both sides. We are now moving into a math second book! We will...
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Happy new year! It’s been great being back with the children in the classroom. Since our return from vacation we have been learning about the Civil Rights Movement and people who were instrumental in it during this time. We have been busy reading books  about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Ruby Bridges and discussing how they were changemakers. The students have engaged in many rich conversations about how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Rosa Parks, and Ruby Bridge were instrumental key figures in the movement. They have also been learning and discussing a bit of the historical...
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1/13/23 Kindergarten Blog

Dear Kindergarten Families, It was another busy week in Kindergarten.  We are back into full swing after our Winter Break and full of energy and curiosity! In Social Studies we continued our study of Martin Luther King Jr. We learned about Rosa Parks and the bus boycott. We talked about the sit-ins at lunch counters and how they were another form of peaceful protest.  We listened to a portion of the I Have a Dream Speech, focusing on the power and strength of King’s voice. We worked hard to learn the words to the song The Dream of Martin Luther...
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Camp Kulanu@Senesh Included in JOCI’s New York Incubator Cohort

Incubator Projects Broaden Jewish Engagement for Jews of Color Announcement Featuring Camp Kulanu@Senesh in the Jews of Color Initiative Newsletter, Galim The Jews of Color Initiative is thrilled to announce the New York Incubator’s second ever cohort! The Incubator, supported by the UJA-Federation New York, is one of  two premier programs in JoCI’s New York Hub. The Incubator helps leaders develop and scale their JoC-centered projects by combining a cohort model with individualized support. Leaders in the Incubator participate in a series of learning sessions and expand their network of JoC colleagues, who each bring their projects and experiences to...
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Nicole Nash Reflects on DEIB: Building a School Culture of Belonging for PRIZMAH

DEIB: Building a School Culture of Belonging PRIZMAH Blog Post Written by Senesh Head of School Nicole Nash Hannah Senesh Community Day School in Brooklyn has been engaged in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) work since we were founded nearly three decades ago. Over the past five years, our work has accelerated as we have put a stake in the ground by forming a diversity committee, formally articulating a diversity statement, and incorporating DEIB as a priority in our strategic roadmap. A core value of our school is “Belonging/Shayachut: We create a culture that honors the dignity and self-worth...
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