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Seventh Grade Blogger

Oct 30th – Nov 3rd

Hebrew This week the middle school continued the proficiency-based online assessment they started last week.  We use this assessment twice a year (beginning & end) and look into all four skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. As this is a proficiency-based test, there is no need to prepare for it.  There are two main goals for this test. The first is for the school to assess a student’s progress through the year as well as across the grades. The second is to see patterns of progress which will help adapt our curriculum and instruction as needed. The results of this assessment are...
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October 23rd – 27th

Judaic Studies 7th graders used the Tanach to figure out how the Israelite camp was set up in the wilderness. Students came up with theories: why is the camp organized in this way? What does the architecture of the space communicate to this nation of former slaves? 7th graders shared many wonderful, thoughtful theories about the placement of the tribes and why the mishkan (tabernacle) is at the center of the camp. Science The 7th Grade STEAM project continues with the design process that continually improves, imagines, plans, and creates. This has allowed the projects to evolve within every class....
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October 16th – 20th

Judaic Studies This week the 7th grade completed our study of our unit on Mishna Yoma. To prepare for our end of unit quiz, students created amazing review activities for each other online — from Kahoots to Who Wants to Be A Millionaire to Pacman! We also began our study of the book of Bmidbar/Numbers. Students looked at the first 3 verses: God commands Moshe and Aharon to count all the men who are over 20 and capable of fighting. But surely God is capable of saying how many of those men there are — this seems like unnecessary labor!...
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September 25 – 28

Judaic Studies This week the 7th graders explored the holiday of Yom Kippur. We began by looking at what is said about Yom Kippur in the Torah, and were surprised to discover that the Torah mentions nothing about fasting or about asking for forgiveness. Where did those ideas come from? We turned to the Mishna to find out. Students translated and discussed their ideas in chevruta (pairs) and then shared questions about the Mishna with the whole group. If you chew on your fingernails, does that count as eating? If you put something in your mouth and then spit it out...
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September 11 – 15

JUDAIC STUDIES Seventh graders were on a hunt for the origins of Rosh haShana this week, tracing its development through the Torah, the Mishna and the Machzor (the Rosh haShana prayerbook). We discovered that there are multiple ideas of what Rosh haShana is about: it’s a day of judgement and a birthday party for the world; it’s one of the holiest days of the year and it’s barely mentioned in the Torah, and just one of 4 new years described in the Mishna. Seventh graders also explored the different ideas of the relationship between human beings and God described in...
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September 5-8

Humanities  The 7th grade classes spent time speaking, listening, reading, and writing about our school’s values and the necessity of an academically-productive classroom environment. I’m extremely excited about our upcoming vocabulary units, as well as the 7th grade social action project. I LOVE new words and seeing students learn them. The 7th grade social action project centers around literacy. We wrote about why literacy is a social justice issue. Throughout the year, we’ll be continuing to investigate the importance of early childhood literacy. Allison Hebrew Heritage  ,הורים יקרים .השבוע הראשון  הוקדש לפעילויות שונות הקשורות במשחקי היכרות משבוע הבא נתחיל ביחידת...
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Welcome 7th Graders!

Humanities  Hello! My name is Allison Corvo, and I’ll be teaching 7th grade Humanities at Hannah Senesh this year. I can’t wait to meet the 7th grade class. For the first day, students should come to school prepared with a small, daily planner that can be used to keep track of items for all your classes. Organization is really important and will contribute to your success this year. This year in Humanities we will be covering a range of topics in history, literature, and writing. We’ll be starting off with ancient Rome, our summer reading book The Outsiders, and some new...
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