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8th Grade – 10/28-11/1

Hodesh tov from the 8th grade team!


Dear parents,
This week the students finished their individual end of unit projects. The students practiced using the learned vocabulary in skits and oral presentations. In addition, we watched a movie about Hannah Senesh in Hebrew and we discussed the choices that Hannah Senesh made throughout her life. We also read some of her poems in Hebrew.
I wish you a good weekend,


In science we have started to explore the concept of molecules and chemical bonds. Students had an experiment that allowed them to break the bonds of water. This produced the two gases of oxygen and hydrogen. Next students will be exploring the concept of chemical reactions and how matter cannot be created or destroyed.

Mike Noll


The 8th grade is almost finished with learning about different aspects of Linear Graphs. They discovered how ordered pairs represent solutions of linear equations in two variables, how to find parallel and perpendicular slopes of lines, and special cases of horizontal and vertical lines and their slopes. They also learned how to calculate slopes and y-intercepts and use them, along with other ordered pairs, to make equations in standard form and slope-intercept form. They further expanded this knowledge by learning about linear inequalities in two variables. All of these topics are a precursor to solving systems of linear equations and inequalities. 

Linear equations are one of the most important concepts of Algebra I. They lay the foundation for all higher level mathematics courses. Linear functions have several real-world applications. They are used to calculate things such as mileage, predicting profits, and income. Most people calculate things in their lives without realizing they’re conceptually using linear equations. The more that students understand the use of linear equations in depth, the easier it will be for them to appreciate and make connections to its applications in everyday life
The 8th graders are working on their brilliant literary analysis essays for their ELA class. In these essays, they are exploring how authors craft their writing and develop themes through their use of literary elements. I can’t wait for them to bring these essays home to show off to you!