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6th Grade News: 10/15 – 10/26/18


It’s been a full and busy two weeks in Humanities. In Social Studies class, students are writing and performing creative pieces about life in ancient Mesopotamia. Some students are writing scripts for news shows, while others are writing op-eds and news articles. They are including true facts about Mesopotamian climate, religion, and culture while writing about such topics as: “Slaves ran away from a priest’s family!” and “The holy ziggurat (temple) was flooded!” Students had a great time using their imaginations to bring ancient times to life.

In English Language Arts, we are finishing up our study of The Epic of Gilgamesh. Throughout the unit, we examined literary devices like simile, imagery, and characterization, and discussed big themes/ideas including Strength v. Weakness, Heroism, the Power of Friendship, and Death v. Immortality. Soon, students will write their own hero stories inspired by Gilgamesh and other famous heroes in literature. We are also continuing our study of Greek/Latin roots, and focusing on grammar concepts such as the role of pronouns, antecedents, and “to be” verbs. Lastly, students are practicing their writing skills as we review how to write compelling and organized argument essays.

Have a wonderful weekend and shabbat shalom,




Last week in advisory, 6th graders had an opportunity to further bond with their 2nd grade buddies. In pairs, the 6th and 2nd graders made their own, original “Memory” game cards, and then teamed up to compete against each other in exciting Memory matches. Enjoy the photos of them playing below.

Mike and Naomi

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להורים שלום
השבוע התלמידים התחילו לעבוד על מבחני אוונט שימשכו כשבועיים. מבחנים אלה בודקים ארבע מיומנויות למידה, כתיבה, שמיעה, הבנת הנקרא, דיבור. המבחן הוא כלי מדד המאפשר לנו לבדוק את מצבם של התלמידים והיכן ניתן לסייע להם. אין להם כל השפעה על הציון בתעודה.
בנוסף, השינשינים הגיעו אלינו והעבירו פעילות על יום הזיכרון ליצחק רבין.
סוף שבוע טוב,


The 6th graders have begun to work on their Dvar Torah’s. To introduce the project we used a listening protocol to explore the quote from Pirkei Avot, “Turn it, turn it for everything is in it” and reflected upon the idea that each time we reread the familiar Torah stories we discover something new. Students have all chosen portions and are currently reading and writing summaries of the full portion before choosing an area to focus in on.
Dear parents,
This week the students took the Avant Hebrew Assessment. Avant is an online proficiency-based assessment which looks into all 4 skills: reading writing listening and speaking. 
The assessment allows us to track students’ ability to function in Hebrew. This is an accumulative knowledge test, therefore, students did not need to prepare for it. 
The results will not affect students’ grades but will provide precious information.
I wish everyone a relaxing weekend,
This week we finished our Sukkot unit! Students made incredible presentations of their model sukkahs. They presented clear facts and supported each detail of their building plan in the text of  Mishnah. Students also shared the deeper messages behind their design choices and how they tried to honor the type of society they felt the Rabbis were trying to set up with their rules. After a Mishnah quiz that everyone did wonderfully on, we were ready to move on to a mini introduction unit of Chumash. Students rotated around stations familiarizing themselves with the opening text of Sefer Shemot (Exodus). They translated a new text, learned new root words, designed art describing what they as individuals bring to a community, asked kushiyot (text based questions) and had small group discussions where they learned how to help each other deepen their thoughts. Students reflected on why there is such an emphasis on names (Shemot!) in the start of this book of Torah. Students wrote about how especially before being enslaved it was important to remember exactly who we were as a nation. They also shared ideas about the importance of keeping an individual identity while being a part of a large group. I was so impressed by the way they used their Chumash skills from last year to jump right into the text in this year’s curriculum. Next week we will learn about Hannah Senesh to prepare for the tekes (assembly) honoring her on November 7th. Sixth grade will have their work shared with the school even though they will be at TEVA.
Shabbat Shalom
Students began the year with collage, making posters to promote the school-wide initiative for composting. They are now moving on, learning drawing techniques to show volume, using colored pencils and sharpies.