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6th Grade News: 1/27 – 2/7/20

Kindness Week: 

As many of you know, Hannah Senesh celebrated our own Kindness Week last week. As part of the celebration, students performed acts of kindness around school, in their homes, and in their communities. These included giving away clothes, putting away other people’s computers, complimenting others, cleaning, helping friends with homework, and more. They also had a wonderful time meeting up with their 2nd grade buddies to play a kindness-themed board game and share treats that the 2nd graders made. See photos of their time with their buddies below!



These past few weeks, humanities classes have been full of reading and researching. We’ve continued Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (almost at the end!), and we’re learning about the history of race relations in our country along the way. Students examined real Jim Crow laws — laws that enforced segregation between white and black people– and discussed how these laws made them feel. See the sample laws we looked at here: Jim Crow Laws – Examples. Many students expressed surprise and horror that these unfair rules were actually enforced. In order to share their reactions in creative ways, the students wrote pretend letters from the perspective of African Americans living in the Jim Crow era South. Ask your child about the law they wrote about and the letter they composed.

In Social Studies, we spent more time researching our ancient Rome topics. While researching, we also discussed how to tell if online sources are reliable or not. Student had some fun trying to figure out whether different websites were trustworthy. See the criteria they used to evaluate online sources here: How to Tell if a Website is Reliable. After taking lots of research notes, they drafted detailed outlines to guide their essays. We will be working on the first drafts of these research essays next week.

Shabbat shalom,




This week we finished learning about average, rate, and speed/distance. We are starting our project for this chapter. Each group of students will create a game with a gameboard, based on the skills we learned in this chapter. Once all the groups are finished they will present their games to the class and we will take a day to try out all the games. 



This week students worked hard on their translation and kushiyot (text based questions) skills. It was so nice to see them get to excited in their chevruta when they understood the translation without even having to write it down word for word. Students are becoming familiar with the flow of the Hebrew text and able to understand it in its original form. They see though how with close translation, after understanding it in general, helps them asked high level text based questions. We have been exploring Moshe’s journey into leadership and thinking about our own leadership skills and styles. We will have a Chumash test Friday and then begin our Tu Bshvat learning about the four new years.

Shabbat Shalom,




Science continues to explore the circulatory system. We conducted rotation activities that allowed students to explore the different accepts of this system. They had the opportunity to listen to their heart using stethoscopes. They used a sensor and computer to create their own EKG of their heart. They used a blood pressure meter to explore this aspect of the system. They also used a science sensor to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in their breaths. As we wrap up this unit students will use simulation software in order to learn how to conduct open heart surgery. In the coming weeks we will continue our human body system exploration, next stop the nervous system! 






Mike Noll


Dear parents,

This week the 6th grade continued to practice using exception adjectives in describing cities. In order to practice this orally, the 6th grade took a trip in the neighborhood in which they composed an itinerary using the learned vocabulary.

I wish everyone a relaxed weekend,