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5th Grade Week of 6/3

What a year! We are happy to share our final 2018-2019 blog post with you for the 5th Grade! Please enjoy our class updates below, and have a wonderful summer!


I am happy to share our final Humanities update with the 5th Grade community! First and foremost, I want to congratulate our students on their amazing work for the China Museum! Their hard work and creativity shone through beautifully on Tuesday, and I’m so proud of them. In addition, we are wrapping up our Revolution is Not a Dinner Party unit with students picking from a few creative writing options. We are finishing the year strong! Have a good long weekend and summer!-Tony


It has been a wonderful year teaching your children. We are finishing the year learning about percents and percent applications. So, when you are out this summer, you can have your children calculate the tip. Hope you all have a wonderful summer!-Katie


Please look out for an email with a special Shavuot Study Sheet to use with your child. These past two weeks have been a wonderful wrap up of all of our units of study. We have done some fun projects that really displayed the knowledge and passion the students have for everything they have learned. All of the students made two kippot that had special intentions connected to their personal Judaism. I will share pictures of their kippot next week! We also ended our Chumash class with an essay expounding on one of the big questions we grappled with in the text this year. Students shared how the lessons impacted their lives. Please enjoy the pictures on google photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/TxJ8pei9sRfYkfG76 Your children participated in the 2019 Shavuot Cheese Cake competition in room 123! They had 25 minutes and special ingredient instructions to use one of the texts we studied about why we have dairy on Shavuot and show it in their design! They were not only very informative and beautiful, but also delicious! I hope everyone have a wonderful long weekend, Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach!-Laura
As we wrap up this year in science, students are had their final activities in astronomy. Students designed and built rockets using the power of balloons. These designs were unique and based on the key parts of rockets. Later we explored the concept of going to Mars. Students explored what is needed to build a colony on Mars and how to launch a rocket from Earth to Mars at the proper time using interactive software. The last activity we did was to create a device that can land safely their Mars probe, which in this case it was a million dollar egg. They had to select 12 items from a long list of materials. They created very unique devices used to protect their egg when dropped from a fixed distance. There were successes and failures however plenty of learning moments and laughter. It has been an amazing year in science, children have grown as people, students and scientist. We cannot wait to continue this exciting and hand on exploration of science next year!-Mike and Sammi
להורים שלום,
השבוע התלמידים סיימו כתיבת מבחני אבנט וכמו כן סיימו את הפרוייקט האחרון שלהם “חוויות” שבו סיכמו את השנה באמצעות שלושה אירועים מרכזיים שחוו במהלך השנה.
היה תענוג ללמד את ילדיכם המקסימים ומקוווה שנמשיך לעבוד יחדיו בשנה הבאה.
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