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5th Grade Week of 5/20

Another successful week in 5th Grade! Our students persevered through the ERB’s and did any amazing job! We also had so much fun with Lag B’omer! Please enjoy our updates below, and enjoy the holiday weekend!


We had an abbreviated, but successful week in Humanities! We continued our study of Revolution is not a Dinner Party, exploring the linked themes of desperation and hope. In Social Studies, we edited our essays for the China Museum and took a pause to explore some aspects of China that we have not been able to study up until now, including the Silk Road and modern cinema. I hope everyone has a good weekend!-Tony


The 5th Grade is going to be finishing their unit on decimals with learning how to convert metric units. Next week, we will begin a unit on percents (on of my favorites!). We will be able to use so many real life applications and will start the unit with a really fun m & m’s activity. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend.-Katie


It was so nice to rejoin with the 5th grade and see how much amazing work they did while I was gone. We closed our Aliyah unit with learning about Aliyah Bet, the secret Aliyah during British Mandate Palestine. Student wrote newspaper articles as if they were reporters from around the world hearing the shocking news about the ship the “Exodus”. This ship, later to be the subject of a famous book and movie, caught the attention of the world when the British sent it away from its shore line back to Europe and eventually to a displaced persons camp in Cyprus. The students felt so upset that this happened to people who had just survived the Holocaust. They really showed in their articles how impressed their were by the Jews on the boat’s determination and hope for the future. We also continued our learning about the Kippah to prepare for creating our kippot to wear next year. Please enjoy the new photos from Lag Bomer! https://photos.app.goo.gl/TxJ8pei9sRfYkfG76. Shabbat Shalom!-Laura
Science continues to explore the universe. This week the focus was on telescopes and rockets. Students built their own telescopes using two lens and paper towel rolls. This model of a reflector telescope gave them the hands on experience with lens and focus distances. Next students started exploring rockets and the common parts among different rocket types. Later we will start building our own rockets using balloons as engines. We are coming to the final weeks of school and are still enjoying our hands on science exploration.-Mike and Sammi
The children were given various topics and had to write discussions down on that topic. We reviewed past tense. The class took the ERB test this week.-Anat