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5th Grade Week of 4/1

Another successful week in 5th grade! Please enjoy our classroom updates below, and have a restful weekend!


In Humanities these past couple weeks, we have been wrapping up our study of Tuck Everlasting. We finished our essays on symbols, and concluded our unit by watching the film version of the text. In Social Studies, we’ve gone all in on our China Museum research, including examining sources from the web, books, magazines, and museums around the city and world. We look forward to the next stage of the project, which will be to write a 5-paragraph essay based on the research we did in class and at home. Have a good weekend!-Tony


This has been an amazing week in Judaics! We learned about the 2nd and 3rd Aliyah and then began a simulation of the building of Kibbutz Degania. Using a wonderful interactive website about the first kibbutz and it’s history, students each took on roles of real founders. They researched their person and we spoke about showing gratitude to their hard work by making their memory live on. We also discussed what kept them motivated to keep going through hard times. I took a backseat and the students stepped up, in character and for three days as they completed task sheets. They set up the layout of the kibbutz, planned out the leadership, thought about budget, defense, social gatherings and poetry. They earned “money” with their positive collaboration, communal mindset and productivity. They ended up being over budget because of their great work so they planned out a list of foods they could use from the crops grown at Degania to throw a celebration. On Thursday they enjoyed Banana date smoothies, guacamole, popcorn and chips. I was so impressed by the way they all stepped up to roles and organized a schedule to follow each day. They really got into the kibbutz mindset of all working towards a common goal and each taking equal responsibility. Enjoy pictures and speeches in our google photos album! https://photos.app.goo.gl/TxJ8pei9sRfYkfG76 Next, on to Passover! Shabbat shalom-Laura 


The 5th Grade has just finished Chapter 7, which focused on Ratios. Coming up next, we will be learning about the wonderful world of decimals. It will be as short chapter focused on comparing and rounding decimals, and rewriting decimals as fractions and mixed numbers. Through the next chapter and the next few weeks, we will be talking a lot about perseverance and what it means to to persevere in the classroom. Our lessons will focus around students brainstorming and supporting each other when solving challenging problems, it’s gonna be a blast!-Katie


This week in science, the 5th started creating circuit art! With leds, 3 volt batteries, and copper tape, the students learned how to set up a paper circuit that will place lights in strategic spots on their drawings. We will continue this art project next week as we wrap up the electricity unit.-Mike and Sammi


להורים שלום,
השבוע עבדנו על יחידה חדשה מלחמות ישראל המשתמשת כמבוא לטקס יום העצמאות. השנה יובילו תלמידי הירטג’ את הטקס אשר יכלול שירים וטקסטים קצרים לקריאה. התלמידים כבר החלו בהכנות כך שאם תשמעו אותם שירים אורחים לקיץ של נעמי שמר או את שיר הפלאפל של ניסים גרמה תדעו שזה לקוח מהטקס.
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