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5th Grade Week of 3/4

Another great week in 5th grade! We continue to push through the cold winter and have had a ton of fun! Our Adar celebrations continued with pajama week, and we’ll continue the fun train right on to Purim! Please enjoy our class updates below, and have a good weekend!


In Humanities this week, we continued our study of Tuck Everlasting, including exploring figurative language and diving deep into how to be detail-oriented writers. We are continuing our Egypt unit in Social Studies, which this week included researching the Pharaohs and using research to write about significant rulers. Have a good weekend!-Tony


5th graders have been hard at work learning how to look at a chunk of Hebrew text and identify root words and characters that they know and that repeat. They were able to use this pre translating exercise to use context clues on words they do not know. They were able to do this for the section of text that talks about Pharaoh’s dreams. Instead of writing a word for word translation we used Egyptian style art to make clay tablets telling the story of the text. We also went back to our Israel History unit and focused in on the 2nd and 3rd aliyot. We talked and journaled about what motivated these haluztim (young pioneers) to work so hard. We thought about what motivates us to work hard. This unit is connected to our Advisory unit on Perseverance. I recommend talking to your child about what helps motivate you to work hard. They had some beautiful ideas and reflections of appreciation for the hard work that had been done to make the world the place it is today for them and how they want to work hard to make it better for the next generation. *Check out new photos from the BAC, Judaics project and PJ Day
Shabbat Shalom,
The fifth grade is at the end of the chapter learning about area of triangles and quadrilaterals. They are going to begin a project where they create a floor plan of a “dream home”. They will create a floor plan, label it, decorate it, and find the area of it by adding up the area of all the different shapes they have used. I can’t wait to see all their creativity!-Katie
Student started their exploration of basic circuits. They worked with batteries, wires, and light bulbs in order to form basic circuits. Later they worked with the concept of parallel and series circuits and discovered how they are different. Once they mastered building these circuits, we converted the light bulb circuit by adding a switch. This allowed students to learn Morse code and send messages to each other. They really enjoyed having this connection of how a basic circuit can function as a Morse code transmitter. In the weeks coming, we will continue to explore the science behind circuits before creating our own custom devices. –Mike
להורים יקרים,
השבוע סיימנו את היחידה על אישים יהודיים חשובים. התלמידים למדו על אישים שונים, תולדות חייהם והשפעתם בתחומי דעת שונים, כגון תרבות, חברה ופוליטיקה. התלמידים קראו טקסטים אודותיהם וענו על שאלות, ערכו השוואה בין מנהיגים שונים ואומנים וכתבו עליהם משפטים תוך שימוש במילות קישור. בסוף היחידה ערכנו מבחן מסכם שבו התלמידים סיימו בהצלחה!
סוף שבוע נעים,