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5th Grade Week of 3/18

Another fun week in 5th grade! We greatly enjoyed ourselves on Purim, which included playing fun games with buddies, joining Repair the World in creating gift bags for the less fortunate, and eating plenty of sweet treats! Please enjoy our class updates below, and have a good weekend!


Another successful week in Humanities! In Reading, we are wrapping up Tuck Everlasting. Our studies this week included discussions about symbols, as well as the morality of various characters’ decisions. We wrote opinion pieces about these decisions, as well as expository pieces about symbols in the text. In Social Studies, we continued learning about Ancient Egypt, including exploring the fascinating worlds of mummies and hieroglyphics. Students were able to write their names and full sentences in ancient hieroglyphics, and explored the mummification process and its cultural and religious significance. Enjoy a restful weekend!-Tony


This Purim in school was a big step for 5th grade students. Many of their classmates read megillah for the first time for the whole school! All 5th graders had their own school megillah that they highlighted and illustrated. They worked hard this past week to translate the text and understand the sections that we read in school. They all proudly pointed as the megillah was read, helping their buddies understand the story. They have really grown their context clues skills while translating. They identified repeating words and characters in the text and highlighted them different colors. This helped them understand right away some of the context and then be able to look at prefix and suffix letters and figure out if the non-highlighted words were nouns, verbs or adjectives. We also did an in depth study comparing Joseph and Esther. They are working on finding and citing the similarities in both of the characters stories. They are then going to create a conversation between Esther and Joseph. Please use this link to enjoy photos from Purim! https://photos.app.goo.gl/TxJ8pei9sRfYkfG76Laura. 


This week we have been working with ratios and finding equivalent ratios. The 5th graders had a blast working with m&m’s to create ratios and make predictions. We will continue working with ratios and real world situations through next week!-Katie


Student worked with simulation software in order to continue building circuits. This allowed them to explore in more depth the concepts of parallel and series circuits. The learned the differences between resistance, voltage, and current using this software. Later students investigated how batteries function. They created their own batteries with lemons and potatoes. Then we went outside to explore how solar panels produce power in order to make motors work with only the use of sunlight. Later in science we will start creating our own devices using the knowledge of circuit building.-Mike and Sammi


This week we started learning past tense. The kids practiced using past tense verbs in their sentences, which led to conversations.-Anat

להורים יקרים,
השבוע התלמידים למדו על המשל השועל והכרם, כשהמטרה היא להבין את מוסר השכל של המשל “סוף מעשה במחשבה תחילה”, כיצד תובנה זו מסייעת לנו בחיינו, בקבלת החלטות וכדומה. בסיום היחידה קיבלו התלמידים אוצר מילים שעליהם הם צריכים להתכונן לשבוע הבא ביום שלישי.
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