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Kindergarten Newsletter

Dear Kindergarten parents הורים יקרים,

After the break, the students learned about the holiday, Purim and they learned the story of what happened to the Jews in Persia. We talked about the four special mitzvot of Purim, which are משלוח מנות, מתנות לאביונים, סעודת פורים, קריאת מגילה. In addition, the students were asked why Purim is a happy holiday and they learned the song ליצן קטן נחמד, about a dancing clown. Furthermore, the students celebrated Rosh Chodesh Adar, where they sang the song מי שניכנס אדר in a parade around the school.
מרבים בשמחה
Purim פורים
Grogger רעשן
Hamantaschen אוזני המן
King מלך
Queen מלכה
Mask מסכה
Four mitzvah ארבע מצוות

Our classrooms were also abuzz with counting to 100 for our 100th day celebration!  Our focus was counting to 100 by 10’s.  So, we used 10 10-frames to count out 10 pieces of 10 ingredients to make a trail mix of 100 pieces of food, and made hats with 10 strips of 10 different things on each strip (stickers, numbers, snap words, etc). Partners then explored how to put a variety of hundreds chart puzzles together.  Kindergarten then displayed their 100 day collections in an interesting way and we had a museum walk and shared!   At the end of the day our buddies helped us create necklaces using 100 pieces of cereal with a 100’s hundreds chart.

Shabbat Shalom

The K Team