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April 24, 2023

Exploring Jerusalem

Hello, today we started the day by making a choice to visit one of three synagogues (the Great synagogue, the Italian synagogue, or ShiraHadasha). Soon after we had lunch we went to a park in Jerusalem, where we ran, played and celebrated a birthday with some yummy snacks. We ended the night by heading to Ben Yehuda street and spending time with family and friends. Overall we had a relaxed first Shabbat. -Anna On Sunday, we started the day with praying right next to our hotel in Jerusalem. We then traveled to Yad Vashem, the National Holocaust Museum. There, we...
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Shabbos #1

Today, the 8th Grade had an early wake up from their Bedouin tent and started off their day with a hike up Masada to watch a spectacular sunrise. Following that, we took a cable car back down to an amazing breakfast at a hotel along the Dead Sea. Then we drove to a beach on the Dead Sea and went swimming. We all had such a fun time floating and rubbing mud on ourselves. Afterwards we drove to Jerusalem and checked into our hotel and got ready for Shabbos. We went to the Kotel and got sturdy with some chassids...
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