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September 16, 2022

First Grade News

Hello Families, We have had a wonderful start to our year! First grade has focused on creating an inclusive, kind community as we get to know each other better.  We are discussing our identity and what makes us similar, different, and special. We read “The color of us”, “I don’t want curly hair”,  “The skin you live in”, and “We are all welcome here” to explore this topic further and start rich discussions.  In reading, we practiced finding syllables, rhymes, and words we know in our names through the rhymes “Hickety Pickety Bumble Bee” and “Willaby Wallaby Woo”. And in...
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Kindergarten Blog 9/16

Dear Kindergarten Families,   It has been such a wonderful first two weeks of Kindergarten! The K team has really enjoyed getting to know your children. We are working on getting to know each other and the many different routines of school.   We began Writer’s Workshop by talking about two different types of books, story books and information books.  Children have begun writing their own information books on a variety of topics including swimming, cats, dogs, and fish!  Children start with a drawing and then add labels such as an F for fish and an S for swimming. We...
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