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October 9, 2020

First Grade News

Hello Families, In Hebrew, we learned the letters bet and vet and what sound they make when we add the “Ah” sound. Then we practiced our reading, and we were able to read and write lots of words with the letters that we have learned so far like; bat (a girl), bar (wild) and tar (searching). We added more words to our word wall – bakbouk (a bottle), batzal (onion), bayit (house), balon (balloon) and barvaz (duck). In Yahadut, we learned about the V’ahavta prayer. We worked on learning the words of the prayer and what they mean, and that the prayer can be found inside of the mezuzah and inside...
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Third Grade 10/9

Break Time on 1st Place! Third graders enjoyed break time on the newly closed first place! We enjoyed reading, snacking, looking at trees, taking up more space, and running and building obstacle courses outside. Ask your third grader what their favorite break activity is! Celebrating Simchat Torah! We celebrated Simchat Torah along with the rest of the school today. Eighth graders brought the torah around the school for students to see and music played from the speaker. Two of the third grade pods had outdoor time during the celebration and got to dance outside! In Yahadut class we took an...
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October 9, 2020 — The [Jewish] Holiday Season

Hebrew with Rimma We reviewed vocabulary related to the school: subjects of study and schedule, location and the name of different rooms such as lab,  library, gym, art room. We also learned phrases that they may need in daily interactions with other students in school such as “how many times a week we have a PE class, how long is the break etc. Students wrote a short essay about their school that can be a presentation to someone who never was in the school. Students described their friend physically and what they like to do with their friend. They illustrated the depicted...
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Kindergarten Blog 10/9/20

Dear Kindergarten Families, This week, kindergarteners became botanists! We are beginning our study of the plant life cycle. Students examined a red bell pepper, studied the seeds with magnifying glasses, and shared what they noticed with their classmates. Students also explored our math workbooks, and practiced writing numbers “the kindergarten way.” Each Pod has also created rules for their community! Students discussed what rules they thought a classroom should have, and worked together to decide on wording, and what ideas were most important. Kindergartners continued doing a shared reading of Mrs. Wishy Washy and brought home their own copies to share with their...
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