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September 25, 2020

Kindergarten blog 9/25/20

Dear Kindergarten Families, What a wonderful two weeks in kindergarten!  In Judaics, our students learned about Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. We are also learning the days of the week, weather, and colors in Hebrew! Kindergartens explored scissors, glue, and more learning how to care for our classroom materials. We are beginning to make friends with numbers, learning math games to play by ourselves and with the whole class. Students began learning about the calendar, and how to find the day of the week. We are also beginning handwriting, learning how to make letters “the Kindergarten way.”  Students met Mabel...
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First Grade News

Hello Families, It was lovely seeing your (unmasked!) faces last night during our back to school night. In Hebrew we learned the letters mem and mem sofit and we were able to learn a lot of new words which we added to our word wall like; menorah (lamp), melech (king), mechonit (car), matanah (gift), magafayim (boots) and michnasayim (pants). We also practiced reading and writing with the letters that we have learned so far. In Yahadut, we learned about Yom Kippur and that it is a day where we reflect on the year and we say that we are sorry. We learned about Tashlich and we...
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