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February 6, 2020

February 6th

Judaic Studies with Ariana We have been working hard learning and getting truly inspired. We continue learning about food justice and we are getting ready to embrace our responsibilities as trash monitors in the lunchroom this upcoming week. Every third grader will embrace their duty by helping educate the school on good practices for recycling. They will share their thoughts on all that we have learned and a topic that resonated with them. We call this “Our statement”.    We have been learning new tefillot and we transition to a different siddur that contains most of the tefillot students recite...
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February 6

General Studies with Dawn We are deep into our study of the American Revolution.  After learning as a whole group about the Stamp Act and The Boston Tea Party, students researched other events leading up to the war and taught their classmates about them.  This included The Intolerable Acts, The Boston Massacre, The Townshend Acts, and the Battles at Lexington and Concord. Students have a good understanding of the frustrations that led up to the war and especially “Taxation without Representation.” After an overview of the war, students will choose a topic about the war and write an informational book.So...
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First Grade News

This week the first graders did a lot of sharing.  Whether it was through editing our writing with a friend, spending time with our 5th grade buddies or working with a partner during word work.  We love working together with our friends! In Reading the students have continued their exploration of the’ magic e’ rule.  We made sure to explore books in our library and found a lot of words.  We noticed that their are other words with ‘magic e’ besides words that the ‘e’ made the ‘a’ vowel say its name.  For example, we noticed that the vowels i...
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6th Grade News: 1/27 – 2/7/20

Kindness Week:  As many of you know, Hannah Senesh celebrated our own Kindness Week last week. As part of the celebration, students performed acts of kindness around school, in their homes, and in their communities. These included giving away clothes, putting away other people’s computers, complimenting others, cleaning, helping friends with homework, and more. They also had a wonderful time meeting up with their 2nd grade buddies to play a kindness-themed board game and share treats that the 2nd graders made. See photos of their time with their buddies below!   Humanities:  These past few weeks, humanities classes have been...
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Our Week in Fifth Grade: 2-6-20

Advisory During advisory, the fifth graders created slide shows shared their strengths and weaknesses to show how everyone is unique. This ties into our curriculum to learn about people with disabilities. The classes also reflected on the year so far and created a list of things that have gone really well and things that the class needs to continue to work on. The students split into groups and each took on an area of improvement that they felt passionate about. The plan they created needed to be actionable and to include a way to collect evidence that the plan is...
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