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January 24, 2020

First grade news

Dear First Grade Parents, This week was full of observation and exploration.  We really enjoyed going to the fire house and meeting the fire fighters.  They taught us what to do if there is smoke and a fire and most of all, they made us feel safe and like we could always come to them for help. This week in first grade we talked about setting in story.  For example, when we read “The Night Gardener” by Terry and Eric Fan.  We talked about if the book took place in an urban or suburban environment.  This week in phonics we...
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Week of Action: Tzedakkah, Card Writing, and Trip!

Yahadut: Tzedakkah (Charity) As part of the school’s Week of Action, we are introducing Tzedakkah into our classroom. On Tuesday we read the book “Joey and the Giant Box” about a child who organizes a food bank in his class. This reminded us of the collections our school is doing this week. We visited the boxes in the lobby to see what our school was collecting, and created designs for a class tzedakkah box that show different forms of tzedakkah. Today we decorated personal tzedakkah baggies for storing money. We brainstormed ways that we might earn money at home in...
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8th Grade in January–We are buuusy!

Hi 8th grade parents! Our students are in full-force preparing for their musical. We all can’t wait for you to see the beautiful sets, the wonderful music, and all the talented acting next Wednesday and Thursday! In Humanities class, students have been studying tirelessly about the American revolution. Because of all the play rehearsals, students have been learning this material mostly independently. Big shout out to all their hard work! For ELA, students have chosen their nonfiction independent reading book and I have honestly never seen more excitement and energy around an independent reading project. The students have chosen really...
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Our Week in Fifth Grade: 1-24-20

Advisory This week, the fifth graders had the hard conversation about the increasing threat of anti-semitism in our world. We talked about events that have occurred recently in New York and created a space for the students to share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. The students had really beautiful reactions and shared some actions they could take to show that they are proud to be Jewish and to support the Jewish community. Some suggestions included not hiding their Judaism, saying something if they hear another kid make a mean comment about Jewish people, or call the police, erase (if possible),...
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