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January 23, 2020

January 24, 2020 — Week of Social Action

Judaic Studies with Ariana We have been busy learning our unit of Food Justice. The students learned about food waste as well as food security versus food insecurity. We were fortunate to welcome again Caitlin from “Repair the world” for another insightful session that lead to interesting dialogue in our class. 3rd grade participated in the Senesh week of Action preparing delicious sandwiches and packing lunches for the hungry. Our class visited CHIPS (a soup kitchen and homeless shelter) to deliver the meals we prepared for those in need. Thank you so much to all the parents who graciously accompanied...
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January 23

Judaic Studies with Ariana  Fourth grade has been learning about Ancient Israel. We created a 3D time line that describes events from the Biblical Times of Abraham to the Assyrian and Babylonian invasions. We read historical sources and engaged in conversations about the different kings that reigned in Israel. We will continue to cover the stories more in depth through this year. We continue learning Chumash breaking down the pesukim determining which character is speaking each time, highlighting verbs and places too. In Tefillah, we have been working on Birkot ha Torah. Everyone is doing an amazing job! We are...
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January 24, 2020

Advisory  HS Information Update from Mike Dorfman:  Dear 7th Grade Parents, Thank you so much for coming to High School Night last week at Hannah Senesh! It was great meeting you, and I hope you found the session informative and helpful. I wanted to follow up with some links and info from what was discussed: 1) Please find the HS Night Powerpoint here (the first link under “General Information” that says ‘High School 2020 Winter Presentation).   1a) Many of you mentioned it would also be helpful to see the High School Timeline: that is on the resource page as well. 2) Here...
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6th Grade News: 1/13 – 1/24/20

Advisory & Social Action:  In advisory this week and last, we have been focusing on the theme of kindness. We watched an inspiring video about a “chain” of kind gestures, which showed how one small thoughtful act can lead to many others. See the video at this link if you’re interested! Then, we thought about how we could re-enact this kindness chain in our own school, and 6th graders produced and acted in their own original videos on this topic. Once the videos are ready we can share them with you! Continuing with this theme, next week the entire school...
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Kindergarten Newsletter

Dear Kindergarten parents הורים יקרים, This week in Hebrew class, the students continued to learn about winter. Last week, they learned how to say “I wear,” and now they are able complete the sentence with the item of clothing that they wear in winter such as gloves, a shirt, or pants. In addition, the students can now describe the color of what they are wearing. We also read the book ״המטריה גדולה של אבא״. The kids also enjoyed having the Shinshinim in class. In Judaic studies, we studied the fifth day of creation and how God created animals. The students...
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