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November 22, 2019

First Grade News

What an action packed week in first grade! It was wonderful to welcome grandparents and other family members on Kesher Day to our classroom.  First, the students played a game called “pop up, pop down”, standing up or down depending on if you shared a similarity with others.  Then first graders and family guests interviewed each other.  We had fun learning new things about our family and drawing pictures. We really loved celebrating our small moments stories with parents at our publishing party and sharing what we have been learning in Hebrew, Science, and Art through displays of our work. ...
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kindergarten Newsletter

Dear Families, This week has been a flurry of activity as we prepare for our very first publishing party!  We learned that when we publish a book, we are deciding to share our story with the world and we need to “fancy up” our books! So we colored and created a cover, title, and all about the author page.  We also have gone back to our books to make sure that they have details, settings, labels and have a beginning middle and end.  Lastly, we practiced reading our stories with gusto.  We even got to read them to our first...
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Kesher Day and Preparing for Cobble Hill Trip

Kesher Day General Studies Activity For Kesher Day this year we began by talking about what things make our families special. Second graders and the teachers shared so many ways in which they feel like their family is unique and special. We shared where we were born, what we to do, to the different languages we speak. We learned that our classroom community has a lot of things that are similar but also so many things that are different, and it makes up the diverse community we have full of friendship and love. For the activity, the second graders along...
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