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October 18, 2019

8th Grade Blog 10/17

Hello, 8th Grade Community! Math The 8th grade is revisiting the concept of solving linear equations in one variable. Mastering this concept is the key to moving onto linear equations in two variables, which they’ll be exploring shortly. Linear systems are a key component in Algebra I and they can be solved in several ways. The students will learn how to solve these systems graphically, by substitution, and by elimination before moving onto systems of linear inequalities. Advisory The 8th graders were an integral part of celebrating the 25th anniversary of Hannah Senesh Community Day School on Friday, October 11th....
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First Grade News

First grade had another joyous holiday week in 1st grade!  We have been busy celebrating Sukkot with one another and their 5th grade buddies.  They ate lunch in the Hannah Senesh sukkah on the roof, and another day had a special activity with buddies.  Each child created a sukkah out of graham crackers, marshmallow fluff, chocolate chips, sprinkles and licorice.  Delicious and sticky!  The first graders also celebrated the holiday by learning and saying the brachot (blessings) with the lulav and the etrog. Carolyn, the lower school counselor, came to our classroom to read “The Color Monster: A Book of...
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Sukkot and Simchat Torah!

Simchat Torah We celebrated the upcoming holiday of Simchat Torah with the rest of the school and our buddies! Second graders had the special job of presenting two different types of Torahs to the school. In class we explored the two types of Torahs up close and compared how they are similar and different. Sukkah Making with our Buddies! We met our sixth grade buddies in the school sukkah to build our own sukkot out of treats. Thank you to the PA for organizing!       Two Sukkah Visits! We visited two different sukkot in second grade! The students...
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