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May 12, 2019

May 12th: blog from Ruby and Asher

Sunday’s bloggers are Ruby and Asher: After a restful Shabbat we woke up early for a morning full of chesed (acts of kindness) and volunteering. We headed straight for Yad leKashish where 270 elderly men and women create beautiful art works and find a home and family. Yad leKashish provides income for all those elderly and makes life meaningful. They work in the crafting studios in the morning and then have lunch together as a community. After buying gifts for our family members and thus supporting the artists we traveled to Pantry Packers. At Pantry Packers we used their machinery...
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May 11th: Blog from Hannah K. and Isaac

The bloggers for Shabbat were Hannah K. and Isaac: Today, we woke up at 8:30, being that it was Shabbat, so we were able to get a couple extra hours of sleep. After Friday’s late night, we headed right downstairs to breakfast and enjoyed the first meal of our day. When we were all done with breakfast, our teachers gave us options of what synagogues to pray in. There were several orthodox synagogues, a Chabad, and a conservative synagogue.┬áSome chose the conservative synagogue and joined a beautiful service in the middle of Jerusalem. Others went to a traditional Sephardic orthodox...
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