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October 12, 2018

October 12: First Full Week!

Math  With a new month comes a new unit and the 7th grade is moving on to Unit 2 of their math books; Real Numbers. If you’re curious, and/or don’t remember your high school math classes, imaginary numbers do exist but are not introduced until Algebra II. Until then, we’ll stick to real numbers and its subsets. These numbers make the whole world go round, whether we’re aware of them or not. No worries, it’s only natural to forget how much math is involved in our daily lives. When we cook or bake, make or spend money, travel distances, find out the temperature, or...
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Greetings Kindergarten Families!

We are close to finishing out our first full week of school where we have been working on our stamina and fully jumping into all subjects! In math, we have explored numbers 1-5 and discussed similarities and differences (same and different) in objects and numbers. Students really enjoyed playing “Match It” and getting to use their new workbooks! In phonics, we have met our new friend Mabel the elephant who works with us as we learn new letters and words. We have started exploring letters through studying our friends names in class using the word wall, name chart, name cards,...
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First Full Week!

Working Hard in Second Grade We started the first  full week of second grade with a puppet show with Karen. The second graders were so excited to see the puppets and to learn that they too have “started second grade this year”. Through a story from the puppets, the students explored the idea of what to do when something is challenging. Why should we not just give up, and how can we push ourselves to keep going. Students had the chance to share about something that they find challenging, and to think about how they learned to do it anyway. This...
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5th Grade Week of 10/8

Humanities What a great first full week! In Humanities, we continued studying Wonder while practicing a couple of kinds of discussions, including Socratic Seminars. We continued to work on Personal Narratives and revising techniques, and studied the fascinating lives of early humans in Social Studies. Have a great weekend!-Tony Math This week, our fifth graders took their very first math quiz of the year. Two days before, all students took a pre-test to give them the practice they needed. The actual test followed the same format, so there were no surprises. Students will be given the opportunity to fix their errors (if any),...
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October 12 — Writer’s See, Writer’s Do

General Studies with Hilary Dear Third Grade Families, Over the past two weeks, we had a first for the school year — our first full week! I would say we did exceptionally well throughout the week, keeping up a positive attitude and eagerness to learn. Social Studies: We have learned a bit more about US Government, such as checks and balances, how bills become laws, and how these three branches of government relate not only to New York State, but also to our classroom. This week, we talked a little bit about the earth — specifically continents, oceans, and mapping....
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Weeks 5 and 6: Monday, October 1st – Friday, October 12th

Hebrew Dear Parents, This week the students focused on using all the vocabulary we learned in the unit on the five senses in order to describe various experiences during the holidays and in everyday life. We ended the week with a test on the unit. Next week the students will take the vocabulary and structures and use it verbally in order to interview each other on a memorable day through the things they smelled, tasted, saw, heard and touched. Next, we will start our first unit in the neta program. Have a wonderful weekend, Andreea Heritage להורים שלום, השבוע התחלנו...
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October 12 – Our First Full Week

Dear Fourth Grade Families, It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in school for over a month and this is only the first full five-day week! Students have been transitioning well into their fourth grade routines, and we’re all excited to get into the meat of our curriculum. A reminder to parents that this coming Wednesday is school picture day. In addition, sign up for November parent teacher conferences is now available online (an email with instructions was sent out this week). Slots fill up quickly, so please sign up soon! Finally, this coming week is Aliza’s last week at...
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