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September 14, 2018

Hello Kindergarten Families!

Hello Kindergarten Families, The K team has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you last night as well as your children over the last 2 weeks! We have been observing kindergarten become more comfortable and independent in their classroom communities! We have been exploring new (and old) materials in our classrooms through guided discoveries. This is where we discuss, share, explore, and reflect on the tools in our room with our friends. Students have learned about legos, crayons, pattern blocks, animal counters, magnetic letters, and playdough. We are also improving on our routines and procedures and turning our practice into habit....
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Kindergarten Hebrew Studies

Dear Kindergarten parents הורים יקרים, It was so nice to have so many of you in our classroom for back to school night. We now had 7 amazing days at Senesh and we learned so much. In the Hebrew/Judaic room we celebrated Shabbat, did Tashlich, sang songs, ate apples and honey, played the shofar, did art projects, played with blocks and toys and begun practicing writing our names in Hebrew. Please see below the list of links, phrases and words. And please, let us know if you have any questions. Shabbat Shalom, Tal and Alex HEBREW SONGS: Shana Tovah Shanna...
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Community Building

Community Building The first two weeks of school we began building our classroom community through playing games to learn about each other, practicing new routines, and discussions about how to make our classroom a place where everyone can learn their best. We played “our favorites” game, where we learned each other’s favorite ice cream flavor, hobbies, and more. We played a team building game where in small groups students had an elastic with pieces of strings attached. The objective of the game was to stack cups using on the strings and elastic- no hands on the cups allowed! Following this...
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Weeks 1 and 2: Tuesday, September 4th – Friday, September 14th

Hebrew Dear Parents, Welcome to an exciting year! The 8th grade started the year by discussing the five senses and the ways in which we can use them to describe our memories and experiences. This year the focus is on conversational Hebrew. The students started each class by practicing for 15 minutes in Hebrew how to introduce themselves to a new person. I look forward to meeting everyone at back to school night and wish everyone Shannah Tovah ! Andreea Heritage ,להורים שלום השבוע עבדנו על הסיפור “הסיר של סבתא” המתאר כיצד סיר אחד מעניק לאנשים רבים כל כך מענה...
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5th Grade Week of 9/10

So glad to be back! We have enjoyed the new school year so much with our new 5th graders, and look forward to a wonderful year ahead. Please enjoy our classroom updates below, and have a good weekend! Humanities: What a start to the year! We have dived right in to our Humanities units, including reading Wonder, studying story structure, writing personal narratives, and learning important academic skills like identifying cause and effect. We will continue to build fundamental skills over the next few weeks in each of the major Humanities subjects, while exploring the essential theme of Identity. Have a great...
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September 14: A Great Start to the School Year!

Math  The 7th grade has been working hard since the start of the school year making discoveries about prime and composite numbers using their knowledge of factors and multiples. This week, we’re working on prime factorization and exponential notation. To celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the 7th grade has been given the following bonus question this week:   Is 5779 prime or composite? If it’s composite, find the prime factorization of 5779. For the next two weeks, we’ll learn about how to find the greatest common factor (GCF) and least common multiple (LCM) of a set of numbers and we’ll also take...
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September 14: Shana Tovah!

Dear Fourth Grade Families, Welcome to a brand new year! We are looking forward to many fun and fascinating upcoming events in the fourth grade, including meeting our Kindergarten Buddies and having our Sukkah Sleepover. Thank you to all parents who joined us at Back to School Night. We can’t wait to see you and share our learning with you for Sukkot Breakfast on September 28! -The Fourth Grade Team Coming Soon:  Tuesday, September 18-Wednesday, September 19 – Yom Kippur, School Closed Monday, September 24 – Tuesday, September 25 – Sukkot, School Closed Thursday, September 27 – Sukkah Sleepover Friday,...
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