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November 17, 2017

Week of Nov. 13

  What a week! The Thanksgiving break is approaching fast, and our students are working as hard as ever! We are excited to share our updates with you, and we hope you have a wonderful holiday. This week in advisory we made place mats for our buddies for the Thanksgiving feast, did a mindfulness lesson and had a full class meeting to brainstorm how to make recess bette               HUMANITIES: Before I provide my Humanities update, I would just like to thank Casey, Cheryl, and our amazing 5th grade team for all of their love...
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Nov 13 – Nov 17

Hebrew This week in class we picked up where the students left off last year in their Neta books. We started by reviewing the unit on music. Students listened to conversations about different opinions on music genres and shared their own opinions. We also discussed the topic of reality shows and what they think about children participating in them. Shabbat Shalom, Yehuda Judaic Studies  We have completed our study of the first ten chapters of bmidbar, which are all about the formation of an organized community in preparation for entering the land of Israel. Full of excitement, Moshe invites his father-in-law to...
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Week 11: Monday, November 13th – Friday, November 17th, 2017

Advisory:  Dear parents, This week in advisory we discussed the way we feel or react to various situations in middle school as part of encouraging awareness and self-monitoring skills. Hebrew:  Dear parents, This week students in HaKbatza Aleph worked individually on reading and writing about the education system in a country of their choice. Students in HaKbatza Bet presented an itinerary they prepared using slideshow. I wish everyone a peaceful weekend, Andreea Heritage:  ורים יקרים, השבוע התחלנו יחידה חדשה הבאה לדון בחישבותו של גיבוש. כולנו שייכים לקבוצות שונות: משפחה, כיתה, תנועת נוער וכדומה. השאלות שנעסוק בהם; מה הם היתרונות והחסרונות של קבוצה?...
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6th Grade News: 11/13 – 11/17/17

MATH In 6th grade math we are working on graphing linear equations. They are also learning how to understand what information the graph will give you. They have been working on plotting points and understanding all about the graph. Next week 6Y will have a quiz on graphing and then move on to fractions and decimals. The 6X class will continue to work on graphing linear equations and learn how to graph their own equation. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!   HUMANITIES: This week in Humanities, students began their Wordly Wise vocabulary study using an online program. They are enjoying...
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Field Trip!!

Dear Third Grade Families, It was another very busy week in Third Grade! Third Graders went on their first field trip of the year to the Eastern Woodland Indian exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. It’s one thing to read and visualize in one’s mind what life was like for the Lenape people, but this field trip added great substance to the students’ understanding. Students relished the opportunity to see first-hand, artifacts and models from the Lenape and Delaware Native American Tribes, including tools used for hunting, men and women’s clothing, musical instruments, and life-like models of scenes...
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Mid-November Week

Hello Fourth Grade Families! It was great seeing parents who came to conferences on Monday, and we’re looking forward to seeing you again very soon at the Living Museum next week! The kids have been working hard on their various projects in many subjects and they can’t wait to share them with you! Remember that coffee with Karen is taking place beforehand at 8:00-8:45 am this Monday! Shabbat Shalom! -The Fourth Grade Team PEEK AT NEXT WEEK: Monday, November 20 – Living Museum, 8:45-9:30 am (Coffee with Karen at 8:00 am) Thursday, November 23-Friday, November 24 – Thanksgiving, SCHOOL CLOSED...
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Preparing for Social Action Trip and Publishing Party

Community Building: Something nice you bring to the community is….” Today at the end of Kabbalat Shabbat, we talked about how our community is made up of all different people. Some of us have sisters and others have brothers, some have blonde hair and others have brown, some are girls and others are boys, and so on… After, we went around the circle and each person told their neighbor something nice they bring to the community. The students really impressed us with their thoughtful comments. Matan told Lev, “You bring friendship”. Josef told Allie, “You bring kindness”. Ask your child...
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First Grade News: Week of November 13th

This week we learned five new sight words: but, not, all, what, and were.   First grade writers continued to work on their opinion writing. To learn more about opinion writing, we read the book Earrings by Judith Viorst. Earrings is about a young girl who is trying to convince her parents she should get her ears pierced. She uses many of the opinion writing strategies we learned about: using many reasons, adding details, and anticipating disagreement by talking back.   We also read The King of Little Things by Bil Lepp to learn about sparkly words. Sparkly words are...
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Learning About Thanksgiving

Dear Kindergarten Families, We had another wonderful week in Kindergarten! In Math, we practiced counting and adding small numbers. We used our fingers to count numbers up to 10. We also practiced counting using leaves and our new “Math Machine!”. Additionally, we are practicing writing our numbers with the correct orientation, accuracy and control. In English Language Arts, we learned the letter Ii and the sound /i/ it makes (as in ‘igloo’). We practiced forming upper and lowercase letters Ii using our Handwriting Without Tears books, wooden planks, and finding words that start with I and drawing pictures of them....
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