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September 8, 2017

First Week in Second Grade!

It has been a great first week of second grade, focusing on community building, meeting new friends, and learning second grade routines.We were all happy to see each other and share our summer experiences on the first day of school. We ended the week with a special Kabbalat Shabbat where we shared our highlights of the week. Answers included “Making new friends”, “Seeing my friends after a long summer”, “Having our first science”, and more! Reading To start our year off we read a lot of wonderful books this week. We explored our classroom library and were detectives during a...
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Great First Week Back!

Dear Third Grade Families, What an exciting first week we had! Throughout their time in the General Studies room, students were not only able to to get to know their teachers, but also to learn more than they thought they knew about each other. As students played  “Get to Know You Bingo” they learned fun facts such as, a few students play musical instruments (such as violin, piano and ukulele), some are pet owners (one of whom named the new puppy “Fluffy), many love to read, and many enjoy playing sports (such as soccer and volleyball). While we are a...
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Week 1: Tuesday, September 5th – Friday, September 8th

Dear Eighth Grade Parents: The first week of school was a big success! Check out the summaries below to learn what your students were up to this week: Judaic Studies Students began the year by reflecting on their Jewish identity. What aspects of Judaism do they feel most connected to? Students made collages to answer this question through graphic design. Why did we begin the year with this activity? As our eighth graders move closer towards being independent and autonomous adults, it is valuable for them to become conscious decision-makers about their Jewish identity. Hebrew: Dear Parents, This has been...
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6th Grade News: 9/5-9/8/17

HUMANITIES It was so wonderful to meet all the 6th graders this week during advisory time and humanities classes. In advisory with me and Mike Noll (Science), students had fun practicing non-verbal communication skills. They learned to work as a team and communicate creatively as they completed tasks without using their voices. In Literature class, students learned about the literary term “theme” and analyzed the theme of friendship in their summer reading book, Bridge to Terabithia. They answered the question: “What does friendship mean in Bridge to Terabithia?” and found evidence from the text to support their answers. Lastly, in History class, students shared...
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September 5-8

Humanities  The 7th grade classes spent time speaking, listening, reading, and writing about our school’s values and the necessity of an academically-productive classroom environment. I’m extremely excited about our upcoming vocabulary units, as well as the 7th grade social action project. I LOVE new words and seeing students learn them. The 7th grade social action project centers around literacy. We wrote about why literacy is a social justice issue. Throughout the year, we’ll be continuing to investigate the importance of early childhood literacy. Allison Hebrew Heritage  ,הורים יקרים .השבוע הראשון  הוקדש לפעילויות שונות הקשורות במשחקי היכרות משבוע הבא נתחיל ביחידת...
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What a First Week of 5th Grade!

Wow, what a week! Our new 5th graders have gotten off to a tremendous start this year. They are using the amazing energy they brought from summer into the classroom, and have shown lots of enthusiasm for their new classes and subjects. We as teachers are so excited to see all of their happy faces, and to see everyone start so strong! Below you will find a quick recap of the week from each teacher. We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Shabbat Shalom! HUMANITIES: What a week in Humanities! In Reading, we began our short story unit by examining the...
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The First Week of Kindergarten

Dear Parents, We had a wonderful first week in Kindergarten! It was a great pleasure to meet this fun group of curious, excited, eager and thoughtful students. While there is a lot to learn about their new school, classroom routines and procedures, the kindergarteners are very open and ready to try all the new things. Every morning, we start with Morning Meeting and Tefillah, discuss classroom rules and learn about our two groups, the Yellow and Green Butterflies. We have been exploring all of the areas of the classroom and the school. The children had two specials this week –...
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First Grade News

We had an exciting and productive first week of school! First graders have been thrilled to be with their old friends and to meet new ones.   Next Monday, September 11th, please join Karen, our school psychologist, for “Coffee with Karen.” She will be discussing all things first grade related! “Coffee with Karen” takes place in our school library at 8:15 AM.   On the first day of school, we began our “kindness chain.” Each time a student in our class does something kind, they can add a link to our paper chain. Our goal is to have the chain...
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Welcome, Fourth Grade Families!

Hello Fourth Grade Families! Welcome back to a brand new year at Hannah Senesh! We’ve gotten off to a great start with the fourth grade. After taking the time to adjust to their new rooms, classes, schedule, and role as Lower School leaders, our students have begun learning the fourth grade curriculum in earnest. We look forward to enjoying many fun times and learning experiences with them (and you!) in the coming year. Shabbat Shalom! -The Fourth Grade Team COMING SOON: Monday, September 18 – Back to School Night, 5:30-7:15 pm Wednesday, September 20 – Friday, September 22 – Rosh...
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