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STEAM Happenings at Senesh

Hannah Senesh Middle School students are enthusiastically embracing units of study through the lens of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM)!

The Seventh grade showcased the culmination of their month-long STEAM unit at our Tu Bishvat STEAM Fest held for all grades in school on Friday and again on Sunday for the community to experience. Our STEAM Fest included eleven carefully constructed activities created and led by our Seventh graders. The projects were guided by a thoughtful STEAM design process and were inspired by the holiday of Tu Bishvat. Senesh students in all grades interacted with the projects, asked questions of the Seventh graders, and learned about the various STEAM principles. The activities included:

Roots That Take Hold: Students built structures that have “roots” like trees to withstand strong winds.

Better Nests: Students designed and built bird nests that can withstand a fall. Eggs were wrapped with different materials including bubble wrap, balloons and paper and then dropped from the roof to test which materials would best protect the eggs from the fall!

Recycled Fashion: Students sewed clothing made out of recycled materials and old clothing. After exploring, students made their own clothing.

Solar Trees: Students explored a tree made of solar panels and learned to measure how much solar energy is produced.

Planting Conveyor Belt:  Students planted their own plants by moving a cup down a conveyor belt system that prepared each step of the planting process.

Seven Species/Shivat Haminim Quiz Board: Students matched the Hebrew and English names for the seven species/shivat haminim which lit up when they were matched correctly.

Tree Type Quiz Board: Students matched the names of trees with pictures of the trees, which lit up when they were matched correctly.

Shivat Haminim Distribution Machine: Students used a machine that distributes snacks using cranks and simple machines.

Planting and Tree Buddies: Students planted seeds using simple machines and made stuffed tree buddies to put in the plant with the name of the plant.

Quiz Game: Students created and presented a Hebrew and English quiz game on Tu Bishvat-themed facts.

Planting Machine: Students planted seeds using a simple machine and a conveyor belt.

New this year is a STEAM elective/chug offered to the Middle School in which students can choose between a weekly design and engineering challenge, an inventor challenge, or interactive light painting!

The Sixth grade is participating in an exciting collaborative project with the Exponential Education school in Ghana organized by Level Up Village.  Students developed connections with virtual pen pals in Ghana and are learning through shared videos about DNA structures.

Hannah Senesh looks forward to elevating the STEAM learning that takes place at the School and build off the electric circuit house building unit the Fifth graders have been studying. Incredible learning is taking place through this experiential, mutli-faceted and collaborative process. Students take ownership, contribute their own perspectives and creative elements, and reflect on the experience for all peers to share.