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Parent/Teacher Conferences

by Ali Heffez and Ronit Nolte
Written as part of the Journalism and Social Media Chug
November 16, 2017

One of the hardest time for students is parent/teacher conferences. Many children get scared because they don’t know what their teachers will say to their parents. On the other hand, some children are very confident and happy when it comes to parent/teacher conferences because it’s a time for their parents to be proud of them.

When we interviewed some students and teachers about parent/teacher conferences, we noticed that a few fifth graders think that parent/teacher conferences are fine. They feel that their parents tell them the truth about what her teachers said and they usually aren’t scared about what the teachers will say about them.

Some sixth graders think that parent teacher conferences are ok but they get stressed about test scores and other graded material. Sometimes, they think their parents only tell them the good news instead of both the good and the bad.
A seventh grader we spoke with likes parent/teacher conferences because it gives them important feedback that they want to know for the future. She is sometimes scared about what her teachers might say to her parents depending on her grades and work. She feels that her parents could get mad at her about her grades. She doesn’t feel that her parents tell her everything when it comes to parent/teacher conferences.

Naomi Forman, the sixth grade humanities teacher, thinks that parent/teacher conferences are super important meetings to update parents about their children. She feels that she can sometimes be nervous, but she prepares for the meetings by having work to show parents as examples. Also, she thinks that there should be a time where children can meet with their teachers.

Evidently, this shows that most people feel that parent\teacher conferences are a good opportunity, but kids can get anxious when it comes to grades.