Parent Association

ועד הורים

The Hannah Senesh Community Day School Parent Association is all of us. Hannah Senesh is made up of parents and guardians that show a strong commitment and investment in the school community, and the Parent Association welcomes your ideas, initiative, and involvement. Through friendraising, not fundraising, the PA works with the entire school community to provide programs, activities, events, and volunteer opportunities that strengthen our bond with each other and our school.

As a parent or guardian of a Senesh, you are automatically a member of the Parent Association. In being part of this group, you are welcome and encouraged to join in the activities that are sponsored by the PA. Whatever your talents and abilities, we have a place for you. Whether you can give an hour, twenty, or a hundred, your help is appreciated. Your children will know that their parents/guardians are helping out at their school - they love that!

Each grade at Senesh has two or three Class Parents who work on building community within their grade and also with the greater school population. This is  done in a variety of ways, from Shemesh - providing support (meals, playdate arranging, etc.) whenever one of our families has experienced a life changing event - to planning social events that include our children, as well as grown-up only nights out.

Hannah Senesh Parent Association Board 2013-2014:

Malkie Grozalsky - President
Chava Ortner - Vice President
Jennifer L. Heffez - Treasurer
Dan Greenberg - Events Co-Captain
Paulie Katarivas - Events Co-Captain
Jodi Taub - Staff Appreciation Captain

Lisa Katz - Social Action Co-Captain
Natania Blumenkehl-Cortijo - Social Action Co-Captain

Please e-mail any of us with questions!

We encourage you to take part in whatever way you choose - we need you!

Building Community:
•Welcome New Families
•Holiday Celebrations
•Shemesh: Celebrate simchas and provide support during difficult times
•Family Events
•Parents Night Out
•Staff Gifts and Appreciation

We also find ways to support the school program through:
•Author Visits
•In-School Holiday
•CelebrationsBook Fair
•Family Social Action

Join PA Meetings in the Hannah Senesh Library:
Thursday, 9/11, 8:15am, Hannah Senesh Library
Thursday, 11/20, 8:15am, Hannah Senesh Library
Thursday, 1/15, 8:15am,Hannah Senesh Library
Thursday, 3/19, 8:15am, Hannah Senesh Library
Sunday, 5/17, 8:00pm, Hannah Senesh Library

Class Parents

Corine Kotler
Shira Eisenberg
Shuvi Santo
1st Grade
Nina Blecker
Matthew Reimer
Adrienne Yaron
2nd Grade
Rachel Abel
Saul Jacobson
Sara Lippman
3rd Grade
Abby Nimberg
David Silberman
4th Grade
Sunny Barash
Jenny Peters
Kurt Will
5th Grade
Yael Visser
Courtney Walsh
Marcy Wang
6th Grade
Elise Joffe
Cynthia Lagdameo
7th Grade
Wendy Friedland
Robin Tilem
Aliza Weiss
8th Grade
Jill Gold
Danny Sarfati-Magill

PA elections for next year are coming up! Read below to discover the roles available:




  • All parents/guardians of students at the school
  • May nominate, self-nominate and vote annually to fill open PA positions
  • Encouraged to attend PA meetings during the school year


  • Holds overall responsibility for the operation of the Parent Association
  • Plans the agenda, schedules and conducts meetings
  • Meets monthly with the Head of School
  • Serves as calendar coordinator, ensuring PA programs and meetings are included in school calendar
  • Collects and reviews Parent Association materials needed for the Directory and Family Handbook
  • Oversees nominating process and election of positions for the following year
  • Writes year-end report to pass on to the incoming President
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of all committees
  • Attends all PA meetings and opens first PA meeting of the year

Vice President

  • Assists the President and assumes the duties of the President when President is unable to perform
  • 2 yr term
  • Works with President on PA communication through school news and emails
  • Acts as volunteer coordinator, working closely with class parents and committee chairs
  • Acts as new family coordinator
  • Meets monthly with the Head of School and Parent Association President
  • Serves on the nominating committee
  • With the President, oversees nominations and elections for the following year
  • Attends all PA meetings and opens one PA meeting during the year


  • Keeps accurate accounts of all financial transactions of the Parent Association and provides a 2 yr term  financial report at PA meetings
  • Writes year-end report for submission to Parent Association President and to pass on to incoming
  • Processes and distributes teacher gifts
  • Records and submits receipts for reimbursement to PA members
  • Attends all PA meetings and opens one PA meeting during the year

Events Co-Coordinators

  • 1 yr term
  • Plan activities and special events for families in the school
  • Designate chairs to organize each event and assist/oversee their implementation
  • Attend PA meetings and open one PA meeting during the year

Community Service Coordinator (may be filled by 2 Co-Coordinators)

  • 1 yr term
  • Works closely with the PA, school and community to plan and carry out meaningful and age-appropriate community service activities
  • Attends PA meetings and opens one PA meeting during the year

Holiday Celebrations Coordinator

  • 1 yr term
  • Plan and facilitate PA contribution to school holiday celebrations such as Sukkah Hop, Purim
  • Lunch Seudah, etc.
  • Work with school administration to build community Shabbat program
  • Attends PA meetings and opens one PA meeting during the year

Class Parent Coordinator

  • 1 yr term
  • Support, follow up and communicate regularly with Class Parents
  • Facilitate Shemesh (Life Cycle Event) efforts with Class Parents for families in more than one grade
  • May be a current Class Parent
  • Attends PA meetings and opens one PA meeting during the year

Staff Appreciation Coordinator

  • 1 yr term
  • Coordinates Staff appreciation days and plans special treats
  • Attends PA meetings and opens one PA meeting during the year

Class Parents

  • Build community within their grade
  • (2-3 per grade)
  • Call new families to welcome them to the school
  • 1 yr term
  • Plan and organize two social events for their grade during the school year (Sept/Oct & Feb/Mar)
  • Acknowledge and celebrate simchas and provide support during difficult times (Shemesh)in coordination with the class parents of the grades of siblings
  • Follow up with parents on teacher gifts and other reminders
  • Create a class page to be printed in annual benefit journal (if needed)
  •  Encourage parent attendance and participation in school activities
  • Coordinate volunteers for PA and school events and activities
  • Speak at end of year grade event and give flowers to teachers
  • Make sure at least one class parent from each grade is in attendance at every PA meeting
  • All PA events adhere to the laws of Kashrut, Shabbat and holidays.

Rules & Procedures

  • All 1 & 2 year term positions are up for election this year
  • To accept an elected position, attend PA Meeting/Induction on 5/17
  • Remaining positions will be appointed
  • To be on the ballot for a Coordinator/Officer position, attendance at a minimum of one PA meeting the previous year is prerequisite
  • To run for President or Vice President, prerequisites are to have been in an elected position the previous year and to have attended the majority of the PA meetings that year