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Oct 30 – Nov 3

This was a very exciting week in 5th grade! Students received additional lockers to share with a partner for their bags and coats. We worked on organizing our materials so we can maximize our 5 minute break in between each class. We also worked on using kindness and empathy while at our lockers and sharing the space in the best way possible. Our second Mindfulness advisory occurred on Thursday. Students learned about Mindful Listening. They spent time listening to the sounds around them as they laid on the recess roof.  On Friday students participated in a team building game. We were so grateful for the good weather this week!
Shabbat Shalom!

This week we learned about Hannah Senesh. We watched the movie Blessed is the match. The movie was really interesting. In past grades we didn’t watch the full movie so It was really exciting. We wrote “I believe” paragraphs about what we believe in it was really fun. These i believe paragraphs    Some of us are reading our “I believe” paragraphs at the Hannah Senesh tekes on November 7th. We learned another new trope group on Friday and learned how to sing it with our Torah text about Joseph.

Shabbat Shalom,

Vera and Sylvie

This week, we watched a documentary on Hannah Senesh’s life. We filled out a packet with questions about her  life. Hannah Senesh believed that everyone needs something to believe in. We thought about what we personally believe and wrote paragraphs on what we believe in, and what her life means to us. . Thanks Laura!

Shabbat Shalom,



HEBREW: This week the middle school continued the proficiency based online assessment. 
We use this assessment twice a year (beginning & end) and look into all four skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. As this is a proficiency based test, there is no need to prepare for it.There are two main goals for this test. The first is for the school to assess students progress through the year as well as across the grades.The second is to see patterns of progress which will help adapt our curriculum and instruction as needed.The results of this assessment ranked according to ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) standards . The test does not effect student’s grade and is not factored into this semesters grade.
Shabbat Shalom-Yehuda & Ilana

Students this week finished the construction of their second parachute design. Using the scientific method from the first experiment, they applied improvements to their design. The science room was filled with excitement and personal pride with their parachutes. Next we collected data on the roof and compared the results between the two experiments. Next week we will continue our exploration of science through the use of the scientific method.












Mike Noll