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Summer Reading

ספרים לקיץ

Dear Parents,

Summer vacation is a wonderful time to keep your children excited about reading. Use these resources to find excellent books for your children this summer!

Summer Reading:


Children's Choices Reading List:

The Children's Book Council:

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

* Encourage your children to read, but do not force your children to read.  We want them to enjoy reading and not feel that it is a chore.
* Keep many readable (at their level) books available. Children will be able to judge if a book is too hard or too easy.
* Take your children to the library. Encourage them to find books that are interesting. If the books they choose are too difficult for them to read, let them enjoy the pictures.
* Model reading. Show them how you enjoy sitting down with a good book during your free time.
* Most importantly, keep reading to your children. Always make time when your children can listen to you read to them!  This is wonderful quality time that you can spend together.


Now that the school year is coming to an end, we'd like to share some tips on how to help kids keep reading over the summer.  First of all, we think that it's a good idea to keep books in your car or in a backpack, for easy access whenever you are on the road.   If you are a family that is often on the go, you may want to find short stories, poems or chapter books for quick pick-ups.

Also, take advantage of the public libraries.  They are free and full of amazing books and magazines!   To get you started, check out   This is a joint venture of the Queens, New York, and Brooklyn libraries, and offers tons of ideas for readers of all ages.  It even locates your chosen books at any public library, keeps track of the books you read, allows you to create a personalized avatar of yourself, and awards badges for reaching reading milestones.

Encourage children to swap books with friends.  It is always nice for kids to give as well as get recommendations about books from their buddies.

Be aware of your child's latest interests.  Kids are continually finding new things that they are "into," and it is much more fun and more motivating for children when reading selections are connected to their interests.  When you notice that your child is interested in something new, go out and find books that relate to that topic.  This will undoubtedly spark their interest further, teach them something, and possibly lead them on to even more new and exciting topics.

It is essential for your kids to see you read.  When you show them that reading is something you like to do in your free time, they will catch on to the fact that reading is relaxing and fun. Finally, read to your children, no matter what age they are.  This is so important and it creates time for togetherness and memories.  We feel very strongly that when children are read to, it creates lasting memories and a love for books.  You can even take turns and have your kids read to you!

Below, we have a number of recommended summer reading lists for all grades.  Since children, no matter the grade, read at all different levels, feel free to look at other grade level lists.  Remember, these are merely loose grade divisions and dipping into the collection from another grade is allowed!  Do not feel limited to any particular grade list.

In addition to the lists of recommendations, the incoming Middle School students in grades 6, 7, and 8, have required reading. Please read the instructions carefully and be sure your children read their assigned books over the summer.

Have a wonderful, book-filled summer!