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5th Grade Week of 11/5

Humanities: This week in Humanities, we continued our study of Wonder, exploring the themes of personal identity and text-to-self connections. We tied in our Opinion Writing unit with reading Wonder as well. In Social Studies, we began to wrap up our Early Civilizations and Early Humans unit by study the Ancient Sumerians.-Tony Math: Following multiplication of whole numbers, we moved onto its opposite operation: division. Similar to division, students learned that there are a number of strategies we can use to save time and steps. For example, instead of moving the number of zeroes of each factor to the product when we...
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First Grade News

We went on our neighborhood scavenger hunt. First graders explored our school’s neighborhood by looking for community helpers, neighborhood needs, and neighborhood wants. See below for pictures from the scavenger hunt.   In math, we continued to learn about subtraction. We practiced counting up from the smaller number. We also applied our knowledge about addition and subtraction to real world word problems. We also learned two new math games: “ninja math” and “roll and record”.   We finished our small moment (personal narrative) stories. First graders celebrated their accomplishments with a mini publishing party! In small groups, we read our...
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5th Grade Week of 10/22

Humanities: In Humanities this week, we continued our study of Wonder. Students transferred skills from our opinion writing unit to express opinions with evidence about Wonder. Students also examined a variety of opinion writing pieces as mentor texts. In Social Studies, we continued our study of early humans and civilizations. Have a good weekend!-Tony Math: Multiplication was the name of the game the past two weeks in math. Students have learned and demonstrated a variety of strategies they can utilize in order to multiply whole numbers. We’ve also continued to round and estimate to ensure our answers are correct, or at least...
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First Full Week!

Working Hard in Second Grade We started the first  full week of second grade with a puppet show with Karen. The second graders were so excited to see the puppets and to learn that they too have “started second grade this year”. Through a story from the puppets, the students explored the idea of what to do when something is challenging. Why should we not just give up, and how can we push ourselves to keep going. Students had the chance to share about something that they find challenging, and to think about how they learned to do it anyway. This...
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5th Grade Week of 10/8

Humanities What a great first full week! In Humanities, we continued studying Wonder while practicing a couple of kinds of discussions, including Socratic Seminars. We continued to work on Personal Narratives and revising techniques, and studied the fascinating lives of early humans in Social Studies. Have a great weekend!-Tony Math This week, our fifth graders took their very first math quiz of the year. Two days before, all students took a pre-test to give them the practice they needed. The actual test followed the same format, so there were no surprises. Students will be given the opportunity to fix their errors (if any),...
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fifth grade week of 9\24

Humanities  In Humanities, we are continuing writing our personal narratives, studying Wonder, and exploring our new History Alive! history curriculum. Students are learning the basic skills that come with being a Middle School humanities student, and are identifying their strengths and areas of improvement as they begin to start more challenging work. Our NYC Challenge experience was incredible, and truly bonded us as a community! Have a good weekend! Judaics-Please see Laura’s separate post about the NYC Challenge! Math Fifth grade math students have been working hard at the last pages of our first unit. This week, we’ve been focusing...
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Community Building

Community Building The first two weeks of school we began building our classroom community through playing games to learn about each other, practicing new routines, and discussions about how to make our classroom a place where everyone can learn their best. We played “our favorites” game, where we learned each other’s favorite ice cream flavor, hobbies, and more. We played a team building game where in small groups students had an elastic with pieces of strings attached. The objective of the game was to stack cups using on the strings and elastic- no hands on the cups allowed! Following this...
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5th Grade Week of 6/11

CHUMASH: What a fantastic end to the year! Students chose a character or object from the Joseph Stories we have studied this year and conducted an interview with them to hear from a new point of view. They asked their character questions that touched on some main ideas that we have explored this year. The presentations were funny, reflective and so unique! I am so impressed with the progress of this class in their text skills as well as their growing ability to really listen and deeply reflect together. I wish you all a wonderful summer and I can’t wait  to...
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Last Class with Shinshinim

Israel We made shoko b’sakit for our last class with the Shinshinim and shared memories of all the fun times we had “travelling” through Israel. We also practiced the dance for the upcoming Israel Parade. We have learned so much with Yuval and Yaheli and are so grateful to them. Math This week we used many objects around the room to learn our 3 and 4 times tables. We counted our lockers in groups of 4 and practiced using our fingers. Then, we learned the relationship between multiplication and division, and using our learned facts were able to realized that...
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June 1 – Our Journey Through Ellis Island

Dear Third Grade Families, “This is the best trip we’ve ever had!”  “Look how big the Statue of Liberty is!”  “28 people waved to me on the boat!”  “Can I have another peppermint?”  “Not the button hook!”  “I’VE BEEN DETAINED?!” These are just SOME of the phrases we heard out of our third graders during the trips to Ellis Island, over these past two weeks.   The students began their journey at Battery Park, where they embarked on a ferry. We sailed past the Statue of Liberty and were able to see and discuss all they have learned about her...
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