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Archived Israel trip 2017-18

Day 14: Tuesday, 4/24 – blog post and photos

Shalom Chaverim! Today is our last day in Israel, but we still had an action packed day! We packed up from the hotel, and drove to Kibbutz Gesher, on the border of Jordan, where we learned about the history of the Kibbutz and all the struggles they went through. After that we drove to Sachne, and had the little fish from the water nibble on our feet like we were in a spa. After we dried off and had lunch, we drove to Yemin Orde. It was very interesting, and the kids that go there either made Aliyah on their...
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Day 13: Monday, 4/23 – blog post from Ela and Ella

We started the morning with a challenging hike in Nahal Jilaboun canyon. We had tons of fun jumping from rock to rock and even found tons of interesting artifacts on the way. Throughout the hike, we learned about the history of the Golan Heights, including Eli Cohen and how he helped this nation grow. Then we headed back on the bus to visit a Druze village, and enjoyed a traditional Druze lunch. After that a Druze man talked to us about the his lifestyle, and how his religion works today. We then took an off-road jeep tour. We stopped by...
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Day 12: Sunday, April 22nd – Blog Post

Today in the Kinneret we started off with an early and chilly morning. After a quick breakfast we headed off to Tzfat, one of the four holy cities of Israel. We spent some time walking around and visiting a very cool Orthodox synagogue. Later, we went to a market and did some shopping. After buying some tasty refreshments, we hopped on the bus and went to go rafting in the Jordan. Rafting was so fun, and we had a blast. After getting soaking wet from being pulled into the water and having water fights on the rafts we dried off...
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Friday, 4/20 and Saturday, 4/21: Blog Posts!

Day 10 – Friday, April 20th. Today we woke up early in Tel Aviv. We took a short drive to the shuk (Carmel Market). There we went shopping and had an early lunch. The shuk was filled with Israeli street food, jewelry, and various other things. The group had a great time. Then we got on the bus and drove north to Shefa’Amr. There we met an Arab-Israeli and his family. He showed us around, and told us about his experience living in Israel as a Muslim. With him, we visited the local mosque, and a synagogue. After a nice...
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Shabbat: Friday 4/20 – Saturday 4/21

Hi Everyone! It’s been a busy and wonderful two days — the 8th graders visited Shuk haCarmel and Nachalat Binyamin in Tel Aviv, and then headed north, stopping at the Arab-Israeli coexistence village of Shefa-Amr. Shabbat on the Kinneret today was lovely and restful, and included a visit to a water park at the hotel next door! At the end of Shabbat, the group went to Tiberias for a disco boat cruise and a fun night out. Photos below of the group learning about Shefa-Amr and getting ready for Shabbat — plus a great movie of tonight’s disco boat cruise...
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