6th Grade Goes to Teva

Wednesday Oct 24, 2012


The Teva Learning Center is an environmental Jewish program for kids. Every year our sixth graders spend four days at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, CT hiking, singing, and composting. Here is an update from our sixth grade teachers Lisa and Nicole:

Dear Families,

teva1.JPGOur first full day at Teva has been busy, exciting and exhausting! We began our morning with a warm cup of cocoa before heading to Tefilah, where we greeted the morning and fellow Teva-goers with prayer, song and reflection about the beautiful nature around us. Following breakfast--which included homemade blueberry yogurt fresh from the farm's own goat' milk--we broke off into our Limudei Chutz and hit the trails. Some groups explored the water cycle through song and game, others investigated the life inside a decaying log, and others worked closely with Teva teachers to build a fire. Though our fire was rather modest--it has been a damp day here in Connecticut--students worked tirelessly to collect birch bark and blow on the kindling.teva2.JPG

Our lunchtime and break time were followed by an energetic game of Predator-Prey around the camp grounds (also in a light rain). After tallying the success of each "animal" team and discussing the food chain, we came inside for dinner, the nightly weigh-in of our pisoret (food waste) and chuggim (electives). The chuggim have been widely anticipated since our arrival yesterday, and students have been learning all about wilderness medicine, writing original songs, creating dream catchers, braving the rain for a night walk on the trails, and honing their comedic timing in an improv acting class. Be sure to ask your child which chug he or she participated in--you might even be treated to an encore performance!teva4.jpg

We will end our night with a class Knesset meeting in the cabin, then head off to our rooms for some well-deserved down time and sleep. Check out a few photo highlights from our day. We will be up by 7 and ready to do it all again tomorrow!

Laila Tov,
Nicole and Lisa

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