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March 31, 2017

Seventh Grade, Week 25

HUMANITIES What a week we had–starting off with Kesher Day on Monday and including the Celebration of the Arts on Wednesday! Ask your child/ren: What was life like for Jews in medieval Europe, especially between the years 1099-1348?  Students wrote insightful letters/diary entries in the voices of medieval Jews. How did the Church gain so much power during the Middle Ages, especially in the areas of politics, education, and the arts?  And where does our study of Jews during the Middle Ages fit into the narrative of “Christian” European history? What are the important pieces of information to include in...
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Writing Celebration, Gan Eden, and the Red Sea!

Math This week in math we continued practicing working with money, learning how to make change of a dollar using different coins and subtracting dollars and cents. We used several strategies for example counting up, subtraction using the algorithm, and a hundreds chart to help us calculate. Second graders played a counting money game, practiced turning dollars into cents and cents into dollars. Try playing store and let your child be the cashier and make change! Social Studies As we continue to explore our Caribbean community in Brooklyn, we read “Down in the Subway” by Miriam Cohen, the story of...
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6th Grade News: 3/27 – 3/31/17

HUMANITIES In Literature class this week, we completed our novel Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. I am so proud of the students for having mature and reflective conversations about prejudice in the book and in our own lives. We talked about how racism manifested itself in the 1930s South (the setting of the novel), and the ways it appears today in more subtle ways. In History, we learned about the Minoan people, who established an early civilization on the island of Crete in ancient Greece. Students enjoyed hearing the Greek myth of the minotaur, a half-man-half-bull who guarded a massive labyrinth on the island and...
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Kesher Day and Getting Ready for Passover!

Dear Kindergarten Families, It was a pleasure to welcome grandparents and special friends into our classrooms and share some of our learning with them. The children were very excited and welcoming! It is amazing to see how this kindergarten class is evolving socially, how the children are making new friends, finding common interests and creating amazing projects. This class is unique: many children love playing chess and checkers, students love maps and spend hours looking at our map of the world while challenging each other to find far away lands and oceans. Many students sit together drawing, making stories together,...
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Conversations@Senesh Features Gloria Steinem and Virginia Heffernan for Series Launch

    Gloria Steinem on Judaism, Justice and Strength Conversations@Senesh: The Steinhardt Speaker Series Brooklyn, NY March 27th, 2017 — “Don’t listen to me. Listen to yourself,” said Gloria Steinem at the Hannah Senesh Community Day School, a progressive, independent K-8 Jewish day school in Brownstone Brooklyn. Ms. Steinem was asked to share her best piece of advice, and she went on to explain, “each of us can be effective in ways that nobody else can be.” In front of a sold-out audience, Ms. Steinem took part in an intimate conversation moderated by journalist and Senesh parent, Virginia Heffernan. The evening...
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Welcome April!

Hello Fourth Grade Families! Thank you all so much for coming to Kesher Day on Monday! The kids were thrilled to have you, and we all had a great time building structures out of spaghetti, tape, and string in our marshmallow challenge! While we’re sad that the weather put a literal damper on our plans for Oregon Trail day, we are really looking forward to going on the Oregon Trail on Monday instead, and for presenting our Pesach projects to the Third Grade on Thursday! Please enjoy these pictures from Kesher Day: Shabbat Shalom! -The Fourth Grade Team PEEK AT...
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First Grade News: 3/27-3/31

Our book reviews are almost finished! This week we talked about making our sentences “just right.” If a sentence if too long, shorten it and add punctuation. If a sentence is too short, use the words “and,” “but,” and “so” to add more. We learned a new punctuation mark: commas! First graders practiced using commas to separate three or more words written in a series. First grade mathematicians learned a new addition strategy this week: adding the ones first, and then the tens. We read another Irma Black Book Award nominee this week: “A Hungry Lion or a Dwindling Assortment...
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Week 27, 3/26 – 3/31

Judaic Studies: We have reached a turning point in Sefer Shoftim/the Book of Judges: the cycle of events has turned into a downward spiral with the stories of Gidon and Yiftach. What makes a society shift and begin to go downhill? That is a question we will be looking at as we study the second half of Sefer Shoftim. In literature class with Lindsay, 8th graders have been learning about different types of characterization: direct/indirect and flat/round. We applied these categories to the first 3 verses of chapter 11 in Sefer Shoftim and students noticed that direct descriptions are rare...
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Welcome April

Hello Third Grade Families! Thank you to all those who could make it to Kesher Day! The kids were so excited to have you there and to perform for you! We had a very busy week in Third Grade. We saw the Middle School perform for their celebration of the arts, we finished our Pesach projects, and we learned all about the Ethiopian Jewish community. Now, we’re all looking forward to relaxing over Pesach break. Have a great weekend! Shabbat Shalom! -The Third Grade Team PEEK AT NEXT WEEK: Thursday, April 6 – Pesach Program in school Sunday, April 9...
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